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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 10:29 AM
Number of posts: 11,915

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Calculated Suffering as a Governing Strategy


This long article is about how airlines make the flying experience so miserable that people will pay exorbitant fees to escape said misery. Never mind that these services are ones that in the near too distant past were free.

It seems to me that this calculated suffering model is one adopted by the baggers to inflict misery upon society. Make government so dysfunctional that those who can pay, will pay to escape the misery. Toll roads, private fire departments, private security firms guarding protecting gated communities, private schools, universities with tuitions so great people become indentured to attend, the list is endless.

The baggers shutting down the government is one of the best examples of calculated suffering as a political strategy.

One of the scariest aspects of a Teabagger Speaker of the House...

Line of succession to the Presidency: VP, Bagger Speaker of the Reich Wing House.

Excuse me, i need a drink or a thousand.

Who was the first player in MLB history to steal a base in 4 decades?

Ted Williams

And he had only 24 stolen bases in his career.

The Splendid Splinter.

Greatest hitter ever.

Yogi Berra Stat. #2

On October 2, 1947 he became the first player to hit a pinch home run in the World Series. It happened at Ebbets Field.

WTFaux News--Fox News Confronts Shrub's Bro over unfair Tax Cuts


Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush suggested that the wealthiest top 1 percent of Americans would receive more benefits from this tax plan than the middle class because “that’s just the way it is.”

When Faux news points out the festering boil, which masquerades as rethug economic policy, then the blood moon tonight must truly be the harbinger of the end times. I need to hurry up and get one last Moon Pie and slurpee.

Cruz vows to introduce Ayatollah to 72 Virgins if elected President


Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) vowed to tear up the Iran nuclear deal on his first day in office and threatened to kill the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, if he’s elected president.

The religious conservative crowd at the Values Voters summit lustily cheered his bloodthirsty comments during his appearance Friday morning at the annual event.

Someone should introduce him to some decent medication and a psychiatrist.

Kasich would reject a budget deal of 10 to 1 of spending cuts to tax increases, debate 2012



It was four years ago last week when the eight Republican presidential candidates participated in a debate and were asked an important question: Fox’s Bret Baier asked the Republican field whether the candidates would accept a debt-reduction deal in which they received $10 in spending cuts for every $1 in tax increases.

Not one of the candidates raised their hand – a reaction that drew raucous applause from the GOP audience in attendance. It was a striking display, highlighting Republican hostility to compromise, even when a proposed deal is stacked ridiculously in their favor.

Kasich is a punish the poor Rethug. Never forget that.

Yogi Berra Stat.

He had 5 seasons where he had less strikeouts than homeruns. Not likely to see that again from a Hall of Fame player.

Comment heard on the radio today regarding the Pope's visit

Person 1: I am so excited to see the Pope, it's almost like seeing Brittany Spears.

Person 2: Don't compare the Pope to Brittany Spears.

Person 1: You're right, there have been many Popes.

Duggars Plunder Local Kripsy Kreme, What a Bunch of Takers

The Duggar family inspired ire this week for snagging no less than 168 donuts during a giveaway at Krispy Kreme, Inquisitr reports.

The family apparently went to the donut chain for their “Talk Like a Pirate Day” promotion, where anyone who said something like “Arr matey” got a free donut. Customers who went the extra step of dressing up got a dozen donuts. It’s possible Krispy Kremes wasn’t expecting 14 Duggars to show up in full pirate gear, but they all got a box of donuts that it seems unlikely they’ll be able to eat.

The Duggar family crest is now at Jolly Roger jamming a donut in his mouth.
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