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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 10:29 AM
Number of posts: 11,915

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My guess is the Reich Audit in AZ will signal its end with the

installment of the Fucking Previous Guy as dictator with a puff of MAGA smoke produced by the burning of Democratic ballots.

Not the Onion. Really.

On the same grounds the AZ Reich Wing Senate Nut jobs are conducting their sham "audit" of the Maricopa County ballots, at the same time, there will be a a "Crazy Times Carnival" for 11 nights.

Somebody should have told carnival organizers their name was already taken by the ballot altering/shredding Trumpists.

Hey President Joe why aren't you bi-partisan yammers the media!

Hey Charley Brown why can't you make Lucy not pull the football away.


That's gotta hurt. It does.

Entangle your mask and glasses. Pull glasses off to disentangle. Have mask come loose and snap in you in the face like a Victorian slap as invitation to a duel.

Humility lessons are always good.

Day will improve. I think.

Secret Ballot?

As part of the Reich Wing Ninjas ransacking of Maricopa ballots as part of their "audit" they are sending their thugs to knock on doors to ask folks who they voted for.

Secret ballot. Keep it that way and slam the door in their Nazi faces.



One of the more controversial parts of the audit plan involves going door to door in some areas to ask people questions about their ballot, and when and where they voted.

Guilty on all 3 counts.

Wow! About the size of things.

I heard today there are more troops deployed (3000) in Minneapolis than currently in Afghanistan.

As I look at the

Verdun-like fortifications going up in Minnesota, I don't recall the same level of preparation in Washington on 6 January.

I could be mis-remembering.

The intent was/is is clear

Before the enemy conducts a full scale attack they will test the defenses of their enemies. Go out and "shake the wire" of the defenses so that they can locate weaknesses.

Klan Krazy Rep. Green is doing exactly that with her Anglo-Saxon BS. She, and Nazi Gosar, are studying the blow back they received and are planning another assault. Count on it.

Stay alert.

Appropriate Name

The krazies in AZ Senate are plodding ahead with their "recount" of 2.1 million ballots from Maricopa County. They hired a company that promoted the Big Lie to conduct this bullshit sham of an audit.

This travesty of a recount will be conducted at Veteran's Memorial Coliseum in Phoenix. It is otherwise known as the
"Madhouse on McDowell." So named for when the Suns started playing there in 1968.

Madhouse is an appropriate name for the Reich Wing Krazies who will soon shredding and rewriting ballots there.
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