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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 12,096

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Heard on MSNBC

The credential for Ron DeSatan with the Rethugs, with his MAGA agenda in FL, is that he has delivered abundant cruelty without the drama of Chump.

That's about right.

With all the B.S. spread about basically everything scientific from the moon landing to

COVID to climate change it's important to recognize that we are facing an Agnotological Campaign. That is, a deliberate and determined effort to create uncertainty in scientific results.

The purposeful spread of ignorance and untruths to the degree that these falsehoods are seen as valid.

This campaign has metastasized to election results as well.

So there was this guy

who used to tell dad jokes, but wasn't a dad himself.

He was a faux pas.

Sword of Dumbassocles

I take comfort in thinking of the MAGA Zombies, who posted their treachery of 6 January, and have not been arrested yet, sweating through their red hatbands wondering if that Amazon Van isn't really the Feds.

True Words I came across.

You canít tell me when life begins if you canít tell me when the election is over.

Try that on for size MAGA zombies.

The MAGA hearings have this in mind.

The Benghazi "investigation" produced the trail to Hillary's emails.

They are looking for something like this to hang on Biden during the election year.

Disgusting smoke and mirrors.

MAGA Protest Sign When Chump is Arraigned

"Give me liberty...to payoff Porn Stars so that while running for President my mushroom d... is not discussed.


a free hat.

Word that I misspell no matter how many times I look it up




At least I can spell that. Maybe.

In a directive to Education Officials in Florida

Ron Deathsentence has decreed the Civil War battle of Gettysburg be described as a territorial dispute.

Sarcasm. So far.

LOL! Just heard on Joy Reid.

MAGA stands for:

Making Attorneys Get Attorneys.

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