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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 12,293

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So funny, and so true.

I heard today that, with the Grand Jury decision, the orange blob finally won a majority of votes

I've always been immensely thankful to Rosa Parks for

refusing to give up her seat.

I'm now thankful to Alvin Bragg for requiring Chump to take at seat--at the defendants table.

Given the throng of people waiting at the DAs office who will want to see

Chump when he arrives I wonder if he will require his lawyers to enter in 6 January battle stack formation.

If so, I will call them Stormy Troopers.

Also, given that Chump avoids walking, basically anywhere he doesn't have to, will the Court allow him to arrive in court in his golf cart?

Chump has to be aware that his trademark super

long tie is likely to to get bound up in his handcuffs. Choking hazard.

MAGA Trump Indictment Music I am Playing

Rep. Eric Swawell Nails it

Rep. Swawell, after noting Marge 3 Names advertising merchandise calling for defunding the FBI, said she went from "backing the Blue, to backing the Coup."


I will use that with 6 January MAGAs.

Heard on MSNBC

The credential for Ron DeSatan with the Rethugs, with his MAGA agenda in FL, is that he has delivered abundant cruelty without the drama of Chump.

That's about right.

With all the B.S. spread about basically everything scientific from the moon landing to

COVID to climate change it's important to recognize that we are facing an Agnotological Campaign. That is, a deliberate and determined effort to create uncertainty in scientific results.

The purposeful spread of ignorance and untruths to the degree that these falsehoods are seen as valid.

This campaign has metastasized to election results as well.

So there was this guy

who used to tell dad jokes, but wasn't a dad himself.

He was a faux pas.

Sword of Dumbassocles

I take comfort in thinking of the MAGA Zombies, who posted their treachery of 6 January, and have not been arrested yet, sweating through their red hatbands wondering if that Amazon Van isn't really the Feds.

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