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Profile Information

Name: Kristin
Gender: Female
Hometown: Vero Beach Florida
Home country: US
Member since: Wed Nov 7, 2012, 12:42 PM
Number of posts: 14,180

Journal Archives

Trump,Erdogan visit tomorrow.

Obviously he will be in a awful mood, I wonder if he will turn the cleric over? After he pulled that crap with the Kurds, I put nothing past him. It would also be a huge distraction.

Happy Impeachment Eve!


Counterterrorism Expert worries that 'Putin leads Trump

around on a leash.'

Narrator: He does.

The Ukraine scandal, IS the Trump Russia scandal.

Washington Post just posted an article about this, but Seth Abramson posted this first.


Chris Murphy DACA extension.

Chris Murphy (@ChrisMurphyCT) Tweeted:
🚨RT and share this far and wide

Current DACA recipients are able to renew their protections if their DACA expires before the end of 2020.

#HomeIsHere https://twitter.com/ChrisMurphyCT/status/1194296420343398400

70,000 children have been detained in 2019.


How many of these kids are being trafficked? Adopted out? I hope those responsible pay.

Daddy, I'm scared.❤Adorable.


'Reads like a chilling warning of more coups to come'.


Dr.Phil a woman claims she is in a relationship with Putin

and helping Putin rule the world.

"Can we just get rid of the judges? Let's get rid of the f-cking judges."

I feel this may be quite relevant at the moment.

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