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Profile Information

Name: Kristin
Gender: Female
Hometown: Vero Beach Florida
Home country: US
Member since: Wed Nov 7, 2012, 12:42 PM
Number of posts: 14,153

Journal Archives

More than 50% of those in France ICU's are younger than 60.


Ronna McDaniel quarantined after showing flulike symptoms, awaiting test results.


47 out of 71 employees test positive at Life Care facility in WA.


Dr.John Campbell very frustrated with the UK and US handling of CV.

From an Italian to the rest of the world, you have no idea what's

I think we are at the beginning of stage 4.

Wal-Mart report, Fort Walton Beach, FL.

I just went to pick up one thing.
Earlier today, they were out of TP, paper towels, some canned goods, bleach etc.
Now, first of all the parking lot is worse than at Christmastime, I had to park in Sam's parking
Second, no carts on either side thankfully, I only needed 1 vitamin they constantly sell out of.
The first couple people I saw were wearing masks, I have not seen this in person before.
The line I waited in for self checkout was longer than I have ever experienced for SC and I swear people are standing closer together than before, maybe that's just me.(all kinds of crazy thoughts running through my mind as I stood there)
I haven't done one of these before, I thought I would just share my experience.

Greece shutting down all restaurants, shopping malls, cafes and bars only 133 cases.


Florida just closed all schools until at least March 30th.NT

Scott, Rubio, Mayor Suarez(Miami) and Bolsonaro photo 3/9.


Trump donor that just tested positive was at Mar A Lago on Sunday.

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