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Member since: Fri Nov 9, 2012, 02:24 AM
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WV voters can check registration status here


what the hell is going on about Bernie trying to flip delegates at the national convention?-HRC Grp

Email from the campaign

It seems the Sanders campaign is finally seeing the writing on the wall: Hillary has won more votes AND more pledged delegates in this election -- her lead in both is nearly insurmountable.

So this morning, Bernie’s campaign manager claimed the convention could be an “open convention,” and declared they’re going to try and flip delegates’ votes, overturning the will of the voters.

Your vote is your voice, and the Sanders campaign shouldn’t be trying to circumvent the process -- or the nearly 9 million (and counting) people who have made their voice heard for Hillary in this election.

has the Bernie campaign finally lost what few marbles they had left?

do they want to hand the general election to the republicans?

what the hell are they thinking over there?????

The Electoral College: The Only Thing That Matters

We live in a post-factual era. Thanks to the Internet and social media, which mix informed and uninformed views in equal measure, the old rule — that people are entitled to their own opinions but not their own set of facts — no longer applies. Somewhere in cyberspace, you can now find blogs and treatises with “facts” that support your opinions, no matter how bizarre.

Here at the Crystal Ball, though, we are going to cling to one central fact about presidential elections: The only thing that matters is accumulating a majority of 270 votes in the Electoral College.

Creating Electoral College projections is a marvelous parlor game, and we’ve been doing so here since we obtained our magical sphere of crystal from China many years ago. (All other details shall remain confidential.)

We’re now at the point in the nominating process where it is, er, crystal clear that Hillary Clinton will end up being the Democratic candidate, and Donald Trump, while not at all the certain winner, is the leading candidate to become the Republican nominee. So it’s time to adjust our 2016 electoral map for the first time since we rolled out our initial ratings last May. That map, shown below as Map 1, reflected a generic Democrat versus Republican matchup, and it depicted a close, competitive general election.


It's like trying to reason with my niece when she was four

I babysat one summer and she didn't like her naps.

Trying to reason with a cranky four old just gives you a headache.

Trying to present facts to some is worse.

GD-P is certainly interesting today

Lots of people trying to defend the indefensible

How are all my Hillary friends doing today?

Hit pieces galore in good reads this morning

Just sad

Has anyone else worked as a poll worker

If you have then you know there are always issues at the polling site.

Voter registration cards are sometimes sent out before the official voter roll is generated.

There's always the possibility that someone filled out a form wrong and the clerk's office can't process it.

When I moved back east from California, I registered at the DMV when I got my new license. I called my county clerk's office and was told that they never received my form. I followed up on it and made sure I was registered in the end.

There's always the possibility of human error in the clerk's office. The case that comes to mind is one of shooters from last year was identified as female on the election rolls. I think it was the guy who shot up the community college in Oregon. If you go to the poll and the worker tells you that you're listed as female when you're male, a reasonable person would take steps to fix the problem.

Voter fraud exists but not in the scale that some people believe it does. If you want to vote, find out what you have to do so in Election Day there won't be any problems for you.

Does anyone have the number of delegates that Hillary was shooting for

just wondering what is it and how much we exceeded it

Shock poll: In West Virginia, Hillary Clinton 44%, Sanders 31%


Bernie Sanders must win West Virginia by a huge margin if the state is to have an impact in the primaries, because this is an extremely white state.

A poll conducted March 2-6 has Clinton ahead of Sanders by 13%. Link

It has to be an outlier. But you never know these days.

Not that West Virginia matters because Bernie supporters have said that red states don’t matter because Republicans will win there in November.

Anyone else getting lots of calls from a blocked number?

the caller said he was from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee

they've been calling twice a day and not leaving any message

I finally answered and said I'm donating to Hillary until the primaries are over and then I might donate to the committees

Like I'm going to give my credit card info over the phone to someone calling from a blocked number

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