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Member since: Fri Nov 9, 2012, 01:24 AM
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Trump Implies That He Will Indict Hillary Clinton If People Give Him Money

Donald Trump is trying to raise money with the suggestion that he will indict Hillary Clinton if he wins the White House.


Death of Jo Cox MP ‘sparks surge to Remain’ in EU poll

Source: Metro UK

There has been a shift in public opinion following the death of MP Jo Cox, a new poll indicates.

A ComRes poll for the Sunday Mirror shows before Jo was shot, 45% of those surveyed said they would be ‘delighted’ if Britain left the EU.

But after the 41-year-old was shot at 2pm on Thursday, that figure dropped to 38% – with Remain getting a nine point increase in those saying they would be ‘delighted’ to stay in the EU.

The sample size is small as the tragic news came midway through the polling, with some answers coming back before it and some afterwards.

Read more: http://metro.co.uk/2016/06/18/leave-and-remain-camps-neck-and-neck-in-latest-poll-5953294/

Exclusive: Sanders Campaign Explains Why He Did Not Take Part in Democratic Gun Control Filibuster


So why did Senator Sanders miss the filibuster entirely? He had met with Hillary Clinton less than 24 hours earlier in a D.C. hotel.

Sanders spokesman Michael Briggs told The Washington Post's Dave Weigel, "It just didn't work yesterday."

"We're keeping an eye on votes next week," he added.

just no words

Openly gay NY state Sen. Brad Hoylman declines to back LGBT reference-free Orlando resolution

State Sen. Brad Hoylman, the state Senate’s only openly gay member, declined to back on Tuesday a resolution memorializing those killed and injured in Sunday’s shooting at a gay club in Orlando, expressing displeasure that it did not include references to gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or Latino.

“That is a mistake because, frankly, one could suggest that we’re trying to rewrite an important part of American and LGBT history,” Holyman said in an emotional speech from the floor. “I don’t think we should condone expunging (the) words transgender, gay, lesbian, bisexual, Latino from resolutions as important as this. And if we don’t recognize these words, Mr. President, we’re not recognizing the people who lost their lives and the loved ones who are suffering today.”


Jamaican AG Malahoo Forte under fire over tweet denouncing gay-rights flag at US Embassy

he Attorney General Marlene Malahoo Forte is facing mounting criticism on social media following a post she made on Facebook and Twitter denouncing the decision of the United States Embassy in Kingston to fly a rainbow flag in solidarity with the victims of the Orlando gay nightclub shooting.

Forty-nine people were shot dead in the attack early Saturday morning by a man who the police later shot and killed.

"I strongly condemn the #OrlandoNightClubShooting but I find it disrespectful of Jamaican laws to have #RainbowFlag flown here. #MyPersonalView," Malahoo Forte posted.


Just when you think it's safe to take people off ignore

someone says something so fricking stupid that you add them to the list

Sanders' New York delegation is threatening to sow chaos on the convention floor

Call them Hillary’s home-state haters.

A group of rabble-rousing Bernie Sanders supporters from New York is headed for the Democratic National Convention next month as hand-picked, at-large delegates -- and they’re threatening to make trouble for Hillary Clinton at the very moment she hopes to make history as the first female nominee of either party and unite Democrats for the coming battle with Donald Trump.

The disgruntled Sanders delegation, heading to Philadelphia with deep reservations about Clinton’s brand of center-left pragmatism, serves as a reminder of how contentious the four-day meeting could become, and a warning to Democrats of the importance of bringing Sanders happily into the fold.

Some 20,000 protesters are reportedly planning anti-Clinton protests outside of the convention hall. But interviews with members of Sanders’ New York delegation reveal that supporters of the Vermont senator are also considering bringing some of those protests inside the Wells Fargo Center itself — raising the prospect of an embarrassing spectacle on prime-time TV.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2016/06/bernie-sanders-convention-delegates-223848#ixzz4AXDdrE4J
Follow us: @politico on Twitter | Politico on Facebook

Light-skinned vs. dark-skinned


It was a brisk May night in Oakland, California, when the Golden State Warriors vanquished the Portland Trailblazers to snag a second consecutive berth in the 2016 Western Conference finals.

Before the game, reigning MVP Stephen Curry once again hoisted the Maurice Podoloff Trophy recognizing him as the league’s most-heralded player. As the glee gently took hold in the locker room and spilled into the hallway outside, I spoke to Curry and most of his family — his father, the 16-year NBA veteran Dell, his enchanting mother Sonya, his brother and current NBA player Seth, and his resourceful wife Ayesha. I discussed with them a wide range of issues — faith, fatherhood, feminism, and family values — seeking to gauge how they affect Curry and his loved ones.

Now that the Warriors are entering the NBA Finals to play the Cleveland Cavaliers, Curry’s profile as the league’s best player will be further elevated.

But there is a vexing issue I didn’t raise with Curry and his family — an issue that his celebrity has shined new light on: the difference one’s visibility makes to the race, and to the larger world, if one is light-skinned or dark-skinned.

I'm curious as to people's opinions on this. The whole light skinned is soft thing makes sense because it's my understanding that the light skinned meant higher social status. But being darker skinned is more desirable because it makes you more real or authentic like the hood comment in the article? I didn't know that.

(((Echoes))), Exposed: The Secret Symbol Neo-Nazis Use to Target Jews Online


In the early days of the social web, putting someone's name in multiple parentheses was meant to give that person a cute virtual hug. Today, it's something far more sinister.

Neo-Nazis, anti-Semites and white nationalists have begun using three sets of parentheses encasing a Jewish surname — for instance, (((Fleishman))) — to identify and target Jews for harassment on blogs and major social media sites like Twitter. As one white supremacist tweeted, "It's closed captioning for the Jew-blind."

Jonathan Weisman, deputy Washington editor for the New York Times, wrote about his experience as a victim of this harassment in a May 26 story.

"Hello ((Weisman))" it began after Weisman tweeted a Washington Post article about Donald Trump titled "This Is How Fascism Comes to America."

Survey: More than half of corporate CEOs prefer Clinton over Trump

More than half of Fortune 500 CEOs say they would prefer Hillary Clinton to win the White House instead of Donald Trump, according to a new survey.

Fifty-eight percent of the CEOs said they would support Clinton, the front-runner for the Democratic nomination, while 42 percent would support Trump, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, according to a survey conducted last month by Fortune and released on Wednesday.

“Big company CEOs tend to lean heavily Republican," the survey said.

"But most of the 500 operate on a global scale, and many disagree with Trump’s proposals for raising trade barriers. Some also have been rattled by his stance on immigration, or by his comments showing little understanding of public finance."

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