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Member since: Sun Nov 11, 2012, 12:20 PM
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Re-cap of Christie debacle on Morning Joe...n/t

ABC News Contributor: 'Obama Is Dick Cheney'

ABC News contributor Mary Matalin compared President Obama to Dick Cheney on national security issues on Sunday, setting off a debate between the panel members on "This Week."

The roundtable was assessing the president's speech on Friday about reforms to the National Security Agency. Obama outlined proposals for changes to the NSA's programs, but largely defended the agency's domestic surveillance activities as necessary for protecting national security. David Remnick, the editor of The New Yorker, pointed out that they were the types of programs that Obama used to oppose as a senator.

Mary Matalin compared Obama to Dick Cheney, saying, "He was against it before he was for it. Now Barack Obama is Dick Cheney. He needs these policies, they are necessary for our security."

Fellow panelist Tavis Smiley said he did not agree with Matalin's assessment, but expressed his own doubts about Obama's position on domestic surveillance. "Edward Snowden might be on a postage stamp somewhere down the road," Tavis remarked. "He will be acknowledged ... How history is gonna regard what President Obama has done in this moment is an open question."

She had to be drunk to say this. Rest of article: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/01/19/obama-dick-cheney-mary-matalin_n_4627955.html

Back in the day, Hudson County, NJ was where the action was.

I worked for the NJ Turnpike Authority for a few years when my boys were very young. My co-workers were amazed I got a job there as Monmouth County was so republican. Thought you guys may enjoy a little trip down Memory Lane about New Jersey. While I was at the TP, when Mr. Kenney arrived we were told to do everything but genuflect..The old man was quite the schmoozer, Bill Flanagan (Jersey City) was the Director back then (early '60s) and everything went through Kenney. Trenton? A place on the map mostly ignored...


I was thinking of a possible conversation between Bridget Kelly and her husband the last few days.

They have four young children and the possibility of her doing some time in jail is a problem that is looming. I strongly doubt that will happen, but if she was paid off (and that will eventually come out) and has decided to fall on her sword for Christie, she is NOT A JERSEY GIRL!...Her husband is probably scared to death and letting her know the "error of her ways." No way will she tolerate CC putting her out there on her own to fend for herself. Her husband is most likely furious with both she and CC and is telling (screaming) at her to "screw him." I think if Bridget has been hurt personally and professionally by all of this, she is going to put the screws to all involved. I could be dead wrong on this, but I am a Jersey Girl from way, way back. NO WAY, I'LL SHOW HIM, THE SOB!!!

Just my thoughts and possibly completely wrong, but FUGEDDABOUDIT.....

"Sopranos Make NJ Comeback" is the headline on HuffPost. Oh..My...n/t

Sir Patrick Stewart as Scrooge tonight at 8:00 p.m...Ovation TV....

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