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Member since: Mon Nov 26, 2012, 09:08 PM
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Sarah Palin Is Starting Her Very Own Web Channel...lets give it a name.lol


DumbTV for the win

and lets name some tv shows she might have on there.lol

The Grifters

Will This Florida Special Election Foreshadow November?

Republican David Jolly's victory in a swing congressional district indicates that Obamacare could damage Democrats in the midterm elections. Maybe or maybe not.


Bill O'Really on Beyonce and Miley Cyrus..notice the difference


On Miley Cyrus....
O'Reilly countered, "I don't talk a lot about her. Once in a while." He then proceed to talk, you know, a lot about her.
"I just want to make it perfectly clear that I don't really care about this subject, however I do care about kids," he continued. "When Miley Cyrus, who is Hannah Montana, has a big following, and now she's telling magazines that she takes drugs that are dangerous, that's bad. What she did on stage, you guys make the call, all right? I've said that I think this is a talented woman, that she has acting and musical talent, that she doesn't need to make a spectacle of herself to succeed. If she wants to be Lady Gaga, that's her choice."
O'Reilly continued with some parenting advice for the "We Can't Stop" singer's father, Billy Ray Cyrus: "But if I were her dad, number one, I wouldn't discuss it in public, I'd discuss it in private. And I would just say, 'Look, the guidance is, you want a long career? You want to be respected? You don't do what she did.'"

On Beyonce...
O’Reilly said the video 'glorifies having sex in the back of a limousine,' and then warmed to his point saying, 'Teenage girls look up to Beyoncé, particularly girls of color. She’s an idol to them," he continued. “I’m saying: Why on earth would this woman do that?
O’Reilly insisted that Beyoncé has “an obligation to protect children” and not to put out “exploitive garbage.” He called the video “inexplicable” and was utterly bemused when Simmons said that the music video is, in fact, a work of art.'Why would she do it when she knows the devastation that unwanted pregnancies - and fractured families - why would Beyoncé do that?'

I found this interesting and was kind of surprised

I went to the National Black Republican Association web page and I went to a section titled " Black Republican leaders today". And Bobby Jindal was listed as black. Wonder if Bobby knows he is Black now.


Tea Party Moron Paul Ryan: Lazy Black Men Cause Poverty (Audio)


I bet he will say "my words were taken out of context". Lying motherfucking racist scumbag. Then he'll use this sorry excuse ...

Oh wow, look I found a whole bunch of "lazy" black men. I'm sure Paul Ryan is talking about them...


LOL, even kids know Fox news is fake


"out of the mouth of babies"

These 9 Maps Should Absolutely Outrage Southerners


* And why do these anti-minimum wage-hike folks don't want to make more money? Why are the fighting it?*

Racist hate the new "Annie" cause she is black

Oscar-nominated actress cast as ‘Annie’ is black — and Twitter racists go nuts


CPAC convention had a 'Minority Outreach Panel' ..and no one showed. Suprised??

View the pic.. Rethugs are such jokes


Sicilian mob ordered hit on Rudy Giuliani: reports


*Maybe they gave him an offer he couldn't refuse*

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