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Member since: Mon Nov 26, 2012, 09:08 PM
Number of posts: 12,608

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Rethugs don't want to fix the border issues..

What does Obama have to give for ransom concerning the border issues? Was turning the channel and Fox snooze was complaining that Obama was out having a good time and not visiting the border.WTF? Duh what the fuck.If he did go they would whine it's a photo op. Hey Rethugs he's on tv now Breaking news and he us giving a speech on the border issues.So hush.

Ok Boner you had your chance

You said that Obama was willfully lawless.You said he was changing laws and creating laws.You said he was not upholding laws too. You had your chance to be specific about which laws he changed,what laws he created, and which laws he refuses to uphold. You didn't give any proof. So here's a hearty stfu to you.

In your opinion...

Which decade had the most impact on the American people starting from the beginning of the 20th century till now.

The 30's and the 60's imo

Let them be.

Let the Baggers,Rethugs, Right wing extremist, gun nuts, religious nuts,etc..Let them spew their racism.Let them take away the rights of women. Let them disenfranchise groups; gays, women , Latinos,blacks, and other groups. Let the House GOP sit on their asses and not work.Let the warmongers drool for war. Let the Rethugs keep denying the troops their basic rights.Let the Right-wing media keep spewingvtheir hate. Let Fox news keep alienating the masses with their bigotry and hatemongering. Let Duck Cheney keep yapping. Let the Rethugs keep children hungry. Let them keep bullying the American worker and the poor, the disabled, the elderly, moms, teachers, union workers,the unemployed, and the middle class .Let the American people see them for who and what they are.



When the Tea Party and The Rethugs( who claim they are not the Tea Party)..

say there is too much govt and regulations in their lives what do they mean?

Cause they love to regulate uterus's

GOP brainwashing thoughts

Tropical Storm Arthur that is picking up momentum on the East Coast is an Obama Administration distraction from ___________________.

{ You fill in the blank}


To all NYC Subway riders....

NYPD Cracks Down on Subway Pole Dancers


I ride the subway and I am so sick of this. I was even kicked before. So glad they are cracking down on this.

‘Cannibal Cop’ Out of Jail, Looking Forward to a Home-Cooked Meal


Cop convicted for planning to cook, rape & eat women has verdict overturned

Here's my question...

Why are Republicans, Fox news, etc so negative toward the World Cup games? Is it because Obama likes it, or is it cause of the multiculturalism of the sport?
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