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Member since: Mon Nov 26, 2012, 09:08 PM
Number of posts: 12,608

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Funny coming from Lindsay Graham...


Love this Tweet...


Not one mention of Crimea, not one.

No way in 1000 burning hells will Mueller let Russian intel see their evidence and how they got it.

Russia owns the Trump Administration.Period.

This was the bullshittiest thing I have ever saw by a U.S. president.


Didn't know Trump baby blimp has a Twitter account.lol


Ugliest shoes in the world...rofl

Trump will not do anything about Crimea. Period.

Trump was asked today about Crimea. He has said many times that Obama allowed Russia to take Crimea, it was under Obamas watch, I inherited a mess, Putin would not have taken Crimea if I was president. So today John Roberts from Fox News asked him what is HE going to do about Crimea? His answer was, we have to see and I am not telling you anything'. So, in other words, I am not going to do a damn thing. When he returns from Russia he will be asked again by John Roberts if he spoke to Putin about Crimea. I know Trump will say, we had tremendous talks about Crimea. Period. There are a lot of things we discussed and they were tremendous.

Trump: " Putin always tell me he didn't meddle, and I believe him"

Rosenstein: 'We don't try cases on t.v. or through Congressional hearings'

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