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Member since: Mon Nov 26, 2012, 09:08 PM
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Today, my relationship with my aunt was terminated today by her controlling husband

he controls her and she doesn't even know she is being controlled or if she does know shes to afraid to defy him. She needs surgery and tells me she will see her physician then he changes her mind about getting surgery and then she makes excuses and lies about treatment or even seeing her Doctor about her illness. She complains about being in pain all day and night.he tampers with the phone so she wont make any calls or receive them. he has a cell phone and he calls me and "allows" me to talk to her for 5 minutes only cause he has to watch his "minutes".the phone company went to fix her land phone thanks to her son and then it mysteriously not working again. Her husband complains that her son is trying to control his house and he is the head of his home and this is his wife. he complains only after her son comes over to try and help her go see a doctor . Why is he angry that her son encouraged her to get surgery that she needs? Why isn't her husband encouraging her to get surgery that she needs? Why is he angry her son called the phone company to get her phone service back on?

Iam waiting for some bagger ....

to say that Obama allowed the Ebola patient back into the country to kill Republicans. He's trying to kill us. In 5...4.....3....2....1
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