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Stupidity is a disease. www.fastborns.org

Stupidity is infectious. It spreads from one person to another, one home to another, one community to the other and one country to another. You can't live and work with stupid people and fail to be stupid. I am not trying to get rude or abuse anyone but this article's goal, is to find out the causes of stupidity and its symptoms. We may then find treatment for stupidity. It is always better to treat the causes of a certain disease instead of treating its symptoms. Medical students may give us a helping hand here.

Stupidity is behavior that shows lack of thought or good judgment. It is the state or quality of being slow to learn and not clever or intelligent. The stupidity patient is termed as a stupor: a state in which one is unable to think and hear clearly especially because one has drunk to much alcohol, taken drugs or gets a shock. Sometimes the word 'stupid' is used jokingly to say to someone that he or she is not thinking and acting intelligently.

What are causes of stupidity then? From my point of view stupidity is to a largest extent caused by ignorance. Ignorance may not be the cause of all diseases because even people with PhDs die of disease related causes but for stupidity, ignorance is the major cause of suffering from stupidity. Ignorance is again lack of knowledge or information about something. Ignorance is not only a symptom of stupidity but another disease as well. There are diseases that cause other diseases. Ignorance is among such diseases. For example AIDS causes other body diseases like diarrhea.

A person suffering from ignorance is known as an ignorant person. An ignorant person therefore, can easily be a stupid person. If you do not know about something, you cannot worry about it. Ignorance has a relationship with the word 'ignore' which means not paying attention to something. I am not saying having an ignoring attitude is being ignorant or stupid but when one ignores important and crucial issues in life he or she gives room to ignorance and stupidity.

We can prevent ourselves from stupidity by avoiding stupid people and stinking thinking. When one is surrounded by stupid people, he or she becomes stupid in the process. Stinking thinking is when we give a room for bad smelling thoughts in our minds. Bad smelling thoughts may include not thinking at all. When one stops to think, bad smelling thoughts get into the mind. Examples of bad smelling thoughts may include thoughts of defilement, adultery, theft, bribery, murder, witchcraft and other bad thoughts.

People suffering from stupidity, do not have time to think. They speak like a tailoring machine. They do not think before they speak. They act before they calculate. They spend without aim. Stupid people do not learn. They have no love and are not kind. The signs and symptoms of stupid people are infinitive. They can't be exhausted. Once you discover the symptoms of stupidity from a person near you, try to run away from the infected person. And if the infected person is a member of your family, friend, workmate or relative, help and find treatment.

Stupidity can be treated by taking the stupid person to the counseling clinic or praying for that stupid person. If your patient's conditions persist, seek medical treatment from a professional doctor. Stupidity is not a killer disease. It is a curable disease.

McCain on Fox news

John McCain Blasts Fox News Over 'Allahu Akbar' Criticism (VIDEO)

The Huffington Post | By Paige Lavender Posted: 09/03/2013 10:02 am EDT | Updated: 09/03/2013 11:43 am EDT

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) blasted Fox News' Brian Kilmeade on Tuesday for questioning members of a Syrian opposition groups' use of the phrase "Allahu Akbar" after what Kilmeade said "looks like a fighter jet being shot out of the sky."

“I have a problem helping those people screaming that after a hit,” Kilmeade said.

McCain criticized Kilmeade for his skepticism of the phrase, which means "God is greater" or "God is the greatest" in Arabic.

“Would you have a problem with an American person saying ‘Thank God? Thank God?'" McCain said. “That’s what they're saying. Come on! Of course they're Muslims, but they're moderates and I guarantee you they are moderates.”

McCain said on NBC's "Today" show he would support President Barack Obama's request for action, but didn't agree with the president that any military force should "be designed to be limited in duration and scope." McCain said he's hoping for resolution of intervention that includes authority to degrade Syria's air defenses.

Sorry couldn't post video

Rand Paul praises....get ready for it.....Obama


Paul did, however, praise Obama's last-minute decision to seek congressional approval for U.S. military action. "The one thing I would say that I'm proud of the president for, is that he's coming to Congress in a constitutional manner and asking for our authorization," Paul said. "That's what he ran on."

taken from the article ..Rand Paul: Assad 'Protected Christians' in Syria, Rebels 'Attacking Christians'

Hannity and Coulter....well you have to read it

Hannity Trots Out Ann Coulter As Syria Expert
Posted by Ellen -596.20pc on August 27, 2013 · Flag

President Obama is weighing military strikes against Syria, which have the potential for very serious consequences. So who did Sean Hannity turn to as the top pundit to weigh in with analysis? Two-time voter-fraud suspect Ann Coulter.

Coulter has no experience in foreign policy nor has she ever served in the military. Her main claim to fame, as Biography.com puts it, is her brand of insult commentary. And, of course, her inflammatory invective is always directed at Democrats and/or liberals. That and a low cut dress, ladies and gentlemen, is all it takes to be a Fox News expert, apparently. At least on the Hannity show.

As usual, Coulter had what seemed like a pre-planned insult at the ready. The first comment out of her mouth was, "It's very depressing talking about foreign policy whenever a Democrat is president because they don't care about America's national security interest." That, right there, should have been grounds to dismiss her. But Hannity seemed enchanted.

Coulter loved her line so much she reiterated the sentiment at least one more time. Some might say, it seemed her main point.

"Democrats, generally they intervene when it is directly contrary to the interests of the United States," she said gleefully. "They seem to think it's selfish to do something that will help the United States such as invade Iraq, take out a dictator and preside over several democratic elections." She forgot to mention that those "democratic elections" produced a country that is now very much influenced by Iran. She and Hannity also conveniently forgot that we didn't invade Iraq to take out a dictator but purportedly because they had weapons of mass destruction - that they didn't have. Coulter never explained and Hannity never asked what good to this country came out of Iraq. I believe Cindy Sheehan still wants to know, too.

Then, in the same appearance, Coulter showed her utter lack of serious interest in democracy when she sneered that in Egypt, "We took out a ruler who was good for the United States and put in the Musim Brotherhood." In the first place, "we" didn't "take out" dictator Hosni Mubarak nor did we "put in" the Brotherhood. The Egyptians overthrew Mubarak and then elected the Brotherhood member, Mohamed Morsi.

But Coulter closed by saying, "Do not vote for Democrats for Commander-in-Chief, America." So she'll undoubtedly be back


their slogan is " we watch fox news so you don't have to"

www.hrw.org. Human Rights Watch

Why havent the US send military strikes to these countries where rampant genocide and rape of women and and babies are on a wide scale? Since its all about human rights , right? What is the reason? And I have written letters to the White House about this no response. Both Administrations. And Iam not minimizing the horror of the situation of the Syrian people.

Pat Buchanan: Obama's Syrian Strike Would Be "Impeachable"

Patrick J. Buchanan tells Newsmax if President Obama decides to attack Syria without Congressional authorization, he would be engaging in "what would clearly be an impeachable act."

"The key figure is Speaker of the House John Boehner, who should call the House of Representatives back into session on Monday and instruct the president directly: Mr. President, you have no authority and no right to launch acts of war against Syria against whom we have not declared or authorized any war. We are calling on you not to engage in what would clearly be an impeachable act — starting a war against a country without the approval of the Congress when you are asked directly not to do so," Buchanan, a former presidential candidate, told Newsmax on Thursday.

"If the president launched an unnecessary and unconstitutional war, striking a country against whom we have not declared war and has not attacked us, that is de facto an impeachable act that could lead to an open-ended war, the consequences of which we cannot even see," the political commentator and author also said.


**When you wish upon a star " should have been played when he made this statement.lol**

If Romney was the POTUS..

and of course he would go into Syria.Do you think he would have Congressional backing?

Out of the mouth of children..

A question was asked of me today by my neice who is 10 years old. She was watching the news with me. A segment came on about Syria. She asked me " why do we hate Muslims here but help them overseas"? I didn't know what to say.

8 year old kills 90 year old caregiver

Boy, 8, played violent video game, killed 90-year-old woman — but will NOT be charged: cops
The child had just finished playing "Grand Theft Auto IV" before he fatally shot Marie Smothers, 90, inside a Louisiana mobile home, police said. But state law prevents children under 10 from being charged with a crime.

Saturday, August 24, 2013, 11:29 AM

Police believe an 8-year-old boy intentionally killed his 90-year-old caregiver when he shot her in the back of the head while she watched television inside the mobile home

But the child won’t be charged with a crime.

The boy fatally shot his elderly caregiver, Marie Smothers, after playing “Grand Theft Auto IV” — a video game critics often blame for promoting violence — inside the mobile home at a Slaughter, La., trailer park Thursday evening, police said. According to reports the gun belonged to the caregiver.

Smothers was sitting in a chair and watching television when the unidentified boy fired one round into the back of her head, the East Feliciana Parish Sheriff’s Office said.

Thousands show for free Medical care ....in Virginia

s 5:30 a.m. on a summer morning, and in the pre-dawn darkness a man, carved walking stick in hand, knapsack on his back, arrives at the Wise County, Va., fairgrounds.

Robert Ellis has walked 15 miles, through the night, to get here. But he isn't here for a summertime fair.

"I really need my teeth fixed. They are really bad. And my hearing," Ellis says. "I don't know which one's worse, my hearing or my teeth."

For this weekend, the fairgrounds have been turned into a one-stop-shopping, outdoor medical clinic. Remote Area Medical has arrived for its annual visit to Wise, bringing free dental, eye and medical care to this remote southwest corner of Virginia.

Remote Area Medical in Action
Ely Brown/ABC
Remote Area Medical in Action

"I didn't have enough gas to put in my truck to get here, so I told the old lady I would just walk," Ellis said. "I got up at 12:30 this morning, got ready and started walking."

Watch the full story on "Nightline" tonight at 12:35 a.m. ET

Ellis joins some 2,500 other people who over the course of three days line up in the wee hours of the morning in the hopes of getting free medical care. Many want their teeth checked or even pulled, others need their eyes examined, but some, like Sheila Johnson, are also looking for specialized medical care.

"I have a lot of trouble with my lungs right now and I need to see a pulmonary specialist, so this was my only option," she said.

Stan Brock started Remote Area Medical in 1985 after years of working deep in the Amazon, where health care was 26 days away by foot.

"They might as well be on the moon for the opportunity that they have to get the care that they need," Brock says of the isolated community where he once lived and worked.

Brock began bringing health care to remote corners of the world such as Haiti, Africa, India and Guyana, but after setting up his headquarters in Knoxville, Tenn., he quickly realized that pockets of the United States were severely underserved and filled with people who couldn't afford health care.

"You've got 40 or 50 million people that are in this category that don't have insurance and can't get the care that they need or they can't afford it," Brock said.

The RAM event in Wise is now one of the largest "expeditions" as Brock calls his clinics. He's held more than 700 around the world, helping more than 550,000 patients in this country alone.

"It's always an amazing sight, isn't it? That here in America at 5 o'clock in the morning, with rain threatening, there are 1,500 people out there," Brock said, standing by the entrance gate overlooking the crowd on the first morning. "It's sort of the one time opportunity that they know they can afford to get the care that they need. ... It's a pretty sad sight."

Teresa Gardner was born and raised in Wise and now runs the local free clinic, The Health Wagon.

"The economy here has hit a downturn. We've had a lot of mining layoffs, which is really the only industry here," Gardner said. "It's just incredible the desperation that people have for health care."

Gardner first invited Stan Brock and RAM to Wise 14 years ago and helps organize the 1,400 dentists, eye specialists, doctors and volunteers who all donate their time and expertise. Approximately 80 dental chairs are fully manned, as well as 16 eye examination stations.

* Iam watching this now. This is sad .Men women and children standing on line about 2500 of them before 5am in the morning rain threatening. Many weren't seen that day and waited 24 hours came back the next day. The next day over 1400 more showed up. They profiled many with some serious medical problems. Who didn't know they had serious ailments.*

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