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remember this?

Mother shot 13-month-old boy in stroller for insurance money, say defense attorneys for teen charged in murder
Jury selection in the trial of De'Marquise Elkins, 18, begins Monday, but his lawyers say Sherry West had 'financial interest in the death of her son,' Antonio Santiago.
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By Nina Golgowski / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS
Sunday, August 18, 2013, 12:04 PM

Sherry West/AP

On March 21, Antonio Santiago was fatally shot in his stroller just days after his first birthday in Brunswick, Ga.

Attorneys are set to pin a Georgia mother who witnessed her 13-month-old son heartlessly shot between the eyes as the real killer behind his death.

Defense attorneys say Sherry West had "financial interest in the death of her son," Antonio Santiago, after she took out a life insurance policy before his savage murder in March, according to a pretrial motion.

"Other evidence of record suggests Sherry West is mentally unstable, gave several inconsistent accounts of how the crime transpired, and had a financial interest in the death of her son in the form of an insurance policy," public defender Kevin Gough said in a court motion filed Aug. 5.

Jury selection begins Monday at the Cobb County courthouse in Marietta where 18-year-old De'Marquise Elkins faces life in prison if convicted of Antonio's murder.

West was pushing her child in a stroller on March 21, six weeks after his first birthday, when prosecutors say she was held at gunpoint by the then 17-year-old whose age spared him a possible death sentence if convicted. When the mother was discovered empty handed, the teen who prosecutors say shot a man only 10 days earlier in another attempted street robbery continued.

"He kept asking, and I just said 'I don't have it,"' West recalled to The Associated Press the day after the slaying. "And he said, 'Do you want me to kill your baby?' And I said, 'No, don't kill my baby!"'

When Glassey was contacted on July 30 by an attorney for Elkins in Woodstown, N.J., Glassey, who was being held in jail for failing to appear in court in an unrelated case, declined to confirm her story told to WTLV.

"I don't want to incriminate anyone," she said, according to a transcript.

Defense attorneys have said in court filings that they have audio recordings and documents showing the child's mother had dealings with Gerber Life Insurance Co.

According to its website, Gerber Life sells life insurance policies for children starting as early as infancy.

Heres the thing....

A friend of mine was recently asked to cook a dish for a party for someone we both know. I was asked but i declined cause I just don't like the person. So my friend decided she was going to make the dish and take it to the party. The hostess asked her to make 2 large pans of lasagne and she did. She went to the party and brought the food. Upon arrival the hostess told her she could not stay cause she was not invited. she told her she was just to bring the food. she said it is not her fault she assumed she was invited. So my friend said okay and took her two pans of lasagna back home. The hostess was livid. Who was right and who was wrong? i think my friend was right. what do you think?

Now I'm the bad guy...

At a recent family get together I discovered my cousin who is 30 years old needs a bone marrow transplant. Unfortunately, it seems no one , not even her mother and sister are a match. Well when I went to another part of the house where I was alone ,she followed me and said she wanted to talk to me. She started speaking about her health but said soon she will start deteriorating if she doesn't get that transplant. I told her I would go through the test to see if I'm a match.She thanked me. Then out if nowhere she asked me if I knew who her father was? I was shocked cause I assumed she knew.She told she has asked her mother so many many times but she refuse to tell her.She said her mother told her she didn't need to know. She said she implored her mother to tell her cause now he could be a possible match .So I told her who he was and even where he lived.I told her he owns a store and where.She asked me to drive her there....NOW! She said she had nothing to lose ...but her life.So I took her to his store that his family has owned for years. I left her in the car and went in to talk to him. We knew each other since we were kids.But he was puzzled by my insistance to talk to him. I told him why I was there and who was in the car.I didn't even go into the " where have you been all her life"?. He got into the car and talked for hours.I just sat in the store talking to his family. When they finished talking he thanked me but I could see he was kinda choked up and crying a little. When we left she said he was going to visit her tomorrow and she said he promised her he will be tested.After the reunion was over I received so many nasty phone calls from my family ,especially her mother telling me to mind my business. I don't feel bad .If I'm the bad guy so be it.He might be a match and save her life

******* I have read all your replies and thank you for your support.I've been crying about this and now I'm just waiting to see if he is a match for her. She did tell me that even if he isn't a match someone in his family could be. She also said even if the worse happens she's happy to meet her dad.*****

Remember when ....

those children and teachers were murdered at the school in Connecticut and the NRA said " If only those children and teachers had guns". How come the NRA never said that in regards to Trayvon?

Spoke to my cousin this morning...

She said told me that her husband and children are leaving the US for good. She said the patients are running the asylum and as long as that is happening she cannot raise her children here.

The gun nuts and racist will embrace him.

He will get money...lots if it from his supporters...The gun nuts will have him make speeches at NRA conventions and pay him lots of money.

If feel so bad for Trayvons parents

Wow..how could he be found not guilty? Not even manslaughter?

So let me get this straight....

The SCOTUS is giving "THIS" Congress the decision to see which states need election/voter monitoring?????? This is not your daddy's SCOTUS anymore. This Congress will never pick the states that use voter suppression.

I saw the movie "The Purge"...

do you ever think something like that could happen here in the US?

I had my share of bad landlords

I had one who left a loaded rifle in the house on move in day and my children found it. They said mom there's a big gun in our room.So I went in and there it was up against the wall.Good thing they were afraid to touch it
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