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Member since: Fri Nov 30, 2012, 08:04 PM
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NO WAYS?.....

So... I keep reading comments from some DUers that effectively state  ' If I don't have the perfect Democratic candidate for president in my perfectly progressive opinion when the Democratic primaries are decided by actual Democratic voters, I will refuse to vote or will write in any old name of the touted Progressive flavor of the day that floats my boat'. Does anyone here really, in any way, shape or form, think that I or any other long term Democrat (who in my case has voted Democrat in every election since I was blessed with the chance to vote as an adult and I'm 55) should take any of the words of these Non-voters seriously? "But I vote my conscience" I keep reading over and over like a broken record. Well, as has been seen vividly and mercilessly, the Republicans who want to take away your right to vote (the right you want to throw away so easily), make marriage equality a crime, and keep women in there god- appointed place DON'T HAVE ANY CONSCIENCE!  They love 'Democrats' who waste their votes. It helps them win.
And I keep reading posts from these same individuals and those who hang on their every word all about the evil 'third ways'. If you don't have the same core beliefs and agendas as these posters, you are 'third way'. If you don't have the same hero worship as them, you are a 'third way'. Etc, etc, etc... 

Well, I have come up with my own name for these very special posters. 

I like to call these non-voting entities and those that support them 'NO WAYS'.

NO WAY will your vote have any meaning and will be wasted (which I find morally reprehensible since thousand die for the right to vote yearly worldwide and have fought and died for voting rights in this countrys own past, a right which you blithely throw away like a rancid tuna sandwich). 

NO WAY should i or any Democrat take you in the least bit seriously now or in the future since democrats vote for change, they don't stomp their feet and pout and think that this will miraculously bring about change.

NO WAY will I take ANY post you write seriously after you make such an
unthinking statement about such an important part of our society that, as i have stated already, millions in this country alone have fought for over the last 200 plus years. It truly boggles the mind.

You are a NO WAY to me and that is how I will think of you when i read future 'i wont vote' posts.
And  no... I won't put you on ignore because that is what you want. Only your personal coffee clatch for you. Only the usual recs and encouragement. No, I want to read your posts because it drives me even harder to get out the vote. Every time I read a bit of nonsense about how not voting is making a statement, I will approach a co worker or even a stranger and encourage them to vote. As I said, it pushes me to GOTV.
As a long time lurker who has never found a reason to post before, I now have good reason. The future of our country and our families. I have read some inane and disturbing things on DU, but I just cant let this go without stating what's on my mind. 
Any one else think these these posters deserve the title of NO WAYS! If not explain why to me. I really do want to know why I should respect anything these posters have to say.

I know that I'm going to start the fur flying on this one but I just cannot ignore this any longer. Too much is at stake.

Oh, and if I don't respond right away to a comment, it's not because this is a hit and run post, I work in a National park and I use a friends Internet, mostly evenings unless home to visit family so give me time.

Signed... A proud Democrat who WILL vote for the Democratic primary winner. I have   2 daughters, a sister, and dozens of female relatives and friends who deserve equal rights and an autistic son who deserves a safe and proud place in this country.


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