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Member since: Fri Nov 30, 2012, 08:04 PM
Number of posts: 2,002

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Just had a drive by shooting right out in front of our Apartment.

15 shots fired. One victim taken to the hospital.

Just another day in 'Merca.

But guns don't kill peo..... never the fuck mind!

ONLY!!! 2019 and beyond.

Simple online Russian enablers spotting post with links to the DU archives and Archive.org.

Here are some links DUers can use to search for past and current Russian enablers on DU and JPR.

These resources are the DU archives here on DU itself and The Wayback
Machine on archive.org.

Here are the links -



For the DU archives I have given January 1st, 2014 in the link above. You can change the dates by simply
changing the last numbers of the link. Example: 2018x8x5 will give you posts from Aug 5th, 2018. You can
search forward and backward through the years as needed.

I suggest looking for samples in anti DNC posts, posts praising Assange or Russian tools such as Grucifer 2.0,
those claiming the DNC has rigged elections, etc. Names of banned posters will be very familiar to long time
DUers and you will have tons of posts for reference. Very eye opening.

For archive.org, put www.democraticunderground.com into the Wayback Machine and choose the year and day. Days
that have a snapshot will have a colored circle. click on those.

Fortunately for the enabler hunter, a large number of archives for JPR are also available on archive.org. Pity that all those who thought that they had purged their past posts leaving no evidence were sadly mistaken but
as we all know...the internet is truly forever.

Put JPRs web address starting with www. into the Wayback Machine to find possible troll samples from this vile site.

IMHO, no one who supported the Russian hacking of the past election and the DNC has any right to post any attacks on primary candidates in this election.

So enjoy, or not as the case may be but happy Russian enablers hunting all.


ONLY!!! 2019 and beyond

If you are not watching 'Jake Tapper Ruins The Debates'

like I'm not and you're not tied down to a computer screen or cell phone, what new or favorite book title is your choice for this evening?

Myself, I'm taking a walk down the path of the seen and unseen by rereading the English translation of Morning Of The Magicians by Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier. If you have never read this classic tome of fortian knowledge, mysticism and Pseudoscience you should find a copy to read right away.

What's your paper poison tonight?

Peabody and Sherman...DU style (or ,why all the negative attacks).

With the Democratic primary season well underway, the ghosts of primaries past are already rearing
their ugly heads.

The attacks ( or perceived attacks ) here on DU of Democratic candidates seem to be happening
on a daily basis and many have a familiar deja vu quality about them. Well I
had a free day yesterday to go exploring for older DU posts and I came across this
wonderful site...


This site has a great internet archive called WAYBACK MACHINE with the ability to
search the history of over 357 billion web pages.

Type www.democraticunderground.com into the Wayback Machine and get ready to explore

My internet search specifically concentrated on past posts on DU and on the bizzaro
anti-Democratic site Jack Pine Radicals (which I wont type the link here but you can find on Google).
I searched the Jack Pine Radicals site because most of the old posts and members
lists have been purged and I was VERY curious to see why and I know there are others who wonder too.

Not every day is represented, but the hundreds of page screen shots will give the curious a LOT to digest.

I concentrated on the year 2016 at DU and I was dismayed by the number of anti-Democratic posts I
found there all the way up to the general election and beyond. Most of the negative posts were from long
FFRed and PPRed DU members, but sadly many posts and responses are from DU members who left for a
while and have returned and some who stayed.

I will not post any of the disturbing links that I found at this time since I'm posting the link to the archive for fellow
DUers to use or not.

I do encourage the curious at DU to take a stroll down this particular memory lane. But be sure to wear hip
boots for much of 2016.

Paraphrasing from a famous Chinese proverb - A journey of a thousand miles begins with a couple clicks.

Good luck.

Edit - Green links seem to have the most Ops saved. Blue links may only have DUs main page archived.

I Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In)

Kenny Rodgers And The First Edition...

Saw them at the county fairgrounds in the early 70s.

It sounds like Cornel West and Nina Turner

are having input on Sanders talking points again.

ONLY!!! 2019 and beyond.

Hey DUers... Things are about to get real!

My prediction:

Repubs in Congress and the Senate start bailing on tRump as evidence against the Orange S#@t Weasel rolls in hot and heavy.

Get the popcorn and Jack ready. Saying it's about to get real is an understatement!


ONLY! 2019 and beyond.
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