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About the Edwards-Cheney VP Debate:

You might be thinking of the Cheney-Lieberman debate which did have a negative impact on Gore's polling. Edwards however did just fine and the consensus seems to have been that if anything Kerry-Edwards got a slight boost:

Edwards, Cheney Split Debate Polls - Posted by staff on October 6, 2004

Senator John Edwards beat Vice President Dick Cheney 41-28 percent of "uncommitted voters" who viewed the debate, with 31 percent saying it was a tie, in a CBS News Poll conducted by Knowledge Networks immediately following the debate. The poll concluded that "Edwards also greatly improved his standing among the uncommitted voters. Cheney made more limited gains."

Cheney beat Edwards 43-35 among RV viewers, with 19 percent saying it was a tie in an ABC News Poll conducted by TNS after the debate. One cautionary note in the ABC News report on the poll: "One factor is that more Republicans tuned in 38 percent of viewers were Republicans, 31 percent Democrats, the rest independents." Nonetheless, the poll showed a 1 point gain for Kerry-Edwards in the WH horse race among the poll's respondents following the debate.


That accords with my own perceptions. Cheney had a good line about never seeing Edwards in the Senate, but Edwards held his own and worked in a mention of Cheney's gay daughter which may have been a low blow but nevertheless scored a hit.
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