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Journal Archives

New French government characterised by youth, centrism and loyalty to Hollande

French president François Hollande: has gone from saying ‘finance is the enemy’ during the 2012 presidential campaign to espousing supply-side economics.

Lara Marlowe, Irish Times, Wed, Aug 27, 2014

France’s rebel finance minister Arnaud Montebourg was replaced yesterday in the new government by Emmanuel Macron (36), the outgoing deputy secretary general of the Élysée and a former banker at the Banque Rothschild.

Mr Macron’s appointment reconfirms Mr Macron is considered the architect of the “pact of competiveness” and the “pact of responsbility,” the business-friendly mainstays of Mr Hollande’s economic policy.

As the economic daily Les Échos noted, the government crisis created by Mr Montebourg’s rejection of what he considered to be French austerity policies “will have at least led to a clear economic line.”

Mr Macron’s appointment was characteristic of the promotion of newer, younger and loyal faces from the centre in the third government of Mr Hollande’s presidency. Women and ethnic minorities were also favoured.

Women ministers

The Franco-Moroccan outgoing minister for women’s rights, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem (36) was appointed France’s first female minister for education, responsible for the largest government budget and 15.3 million students and educators.

Fleur Pellerin (41), who was a junior minister for foreign trade and tourism, landed the prestigious culture ministry. Ms Pellerin was born in Korea, where she was abandoned in the street as an infant and adopted by a French couple.

Christiane Taubira, the French Guyanese minister of justice whose job was at risk due to her leftist leanings and spats with prime minister Manuel Valls, hung on to her job.

The socialist old-timers and government “heavyweights” Bernard Cazeneuve, Laurent Fabius, Jean-Yves Le Drian, Sebastien Le Foll, Ségolène Royal and Michel Sapin remain in the ministries of the interior, foreign affairs, defence, agriculture, ecology and finance.

more: http://www.irishtimes.com/news/world/new-french-government-characterised-by-youth-centrism-and-loyalty-to-hollande-1.1908824

Foley murder video 'may have been staged'

Source: The UK Telegraph

The video of James Foley’s execution may have been staged, with the actual murder taking place off-camera, it has emerged.

Forensic analysis of the footage of the journalist’s death has suggested that the British jihadist in the film may have been the frontman rather than the killer.

The clip, which apparently depicts Mr Foley’s brutal beheading, has been widely seen as a propaganda coup for Islamic State miltant group.
But a study of the four-minute 40-second clip, carried out by an international forensic science company which has worked for police forces across Britain, suggested camera trickery and slick post-production techniques appear to have been used.

A forensic analyst told The Times that no blood can be seen, even though the knife is drawn across the neck area at least six times.

Read more: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/journalists/bill-gardner/11054488/Foley-murder-video-may-have-been-staged.html

No blood in the Daniel Pearl video either as I recall. Hmm.

British ISIS Militants Dubbed 'Beatles' Guarded Syria Hostages

Source: NBC News via Google News

Three Islamist militants with British accents have been dubbed "The Beatles" by hostages taken in Syria, who recount tales of particular brutality at the hands of European captors. The presence of British jihadists fighting for ISIS is in sharp focus following the release of a video showing the beheading of American freelance journalist James Foley. The video is narrated by a male voice that appears to be British — and has set off alarm bells about the dangers of foreign fighters taken up arms in Syria and Iraq.

Several escaped and freed hostages initially seized in Syria have spoken of a trio of Brits who acted as guards, according to a person close to several recent hostage negotiations. According to the source, "The Beatles" were harsher than other guards. "They were really rough with them," the person told NBC News on Thursday. "Whenever the Beatles showed up, there was some kind of physical beating or torture."

Read more: http://www.nbcnews.com/storyline/james-foley/british-isis-militants-dubbed-beatles-guarded-syria-hostages-n185926

subhead: "Terrorism analyst: ISIS ‘looking for a confrontation’ with US"

. . . ya think?
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