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Gender: Female
Home country: US
Current location: retired to MidWest
Member since: Mon Feb 18, 2013, 10:15 PM
Number of posts: 6,151

About Me

Still an ardent Irish-American Catholic damnYankee Yellow Dog Democrat socialist after all these years. (cue Simon music) Army brat and wife for many years, now have been on the loose far longer than I was married. After my two red chows died, I took in a mini-beagle cross that I named Molly Maguire, thinking she might need a good Irish name like my original real one. Later she got a baby sister, a smooth-coat JRT I named Brigid after the greatest of the ancient Celtic goddesses. My great-grandfather and his son fought for Michael Collins and barely made it out of Ireland one step ahead of John Bull. They slipped over to Wales for new identities and then forward to the States for a fresh start. That makes me second generation of illegal but certainly justified immigrants. There are precious few people to whose defense I fly immediately, but the list includes Hillary Clinton, President Barack Obama even when I disagree with him - it happens! - and living Irish patriots Gerry Adams and Martin \\\'Mind Your Kneecaps\\\' McGuiness. I pray earnestly for a united and free Ireland rescued from all official British occupation, with every square inch of alleged \\\'ancestral lands\\\' now held immorally and illegally by the invaders returned to the rightful owners. Irish-only rule for Ireland. No foreign masters anymore! I find it passing strange when Brits chide ME about \'interfering\' in Irish politics!

Journal Archives

In closing....

I thought people might enjoy hearing about a little show I once put on for the crowd at a condo I rented a few months. One woman there 'got religion' all of a sudden and started banging on people's doors to preach the gospel to them. Everybody told her to go away and shut up, some even threatened to call the cops.

Then I thought of something that would be even more fun. One day when she started her spiel in the courtyard, I went after her, clothed in nothing but my unmentionables and a halloween feather mask, with all sorts of celestial cymbals painted on my skin and every small kitchen implement I could find fastened to my wrists and elbows for noisemakers.

When I ran down the stairs screaming gibberish incantations at the top of my lungs, she stopped dead cold. I danced around her in my best Gaelic Goddess manner, making sure to punctuate the gibberish with clear English words about exorcising demons. I even punctuated it with a little Shakespeare I knew she wouldn't recognize.

When I thought the cure had taken, I pointed toward her apartment and added jumping up and down to my incantations. She finally found her legs and ran away. Then I took my bows to the applause of the crowd and disappeared stage left.

You can get away with that in Los Angeles. I don't know about New York, though I lived there too. Where I retired in the MidWest for financial reasons alone, I'd probably get arrested.

Yes, yes!

So that's what's been causing all the trouble, and I never knew. Oh thank you, DEAR PASTOR ROBERTSON. In addition to the poor being parasites, now I find we're DEMON-POSSESSED as well. What a sorry lot we are. No wonder Jesus hates us so much. Thank you for pointing it out for our benefit.

Now if you could just find someone to exorcise the DEMONS IN YOUR MIND (forget 'heart', you don't have one to worry about), maybe you could win your own way to heaven after all. Say, I know plenty of capable Catholic priests who could help you; yes, indeed. My spiritual advisers specialize in such matters, and you're a prime candidate!

Pitiful Liar

Some things and certain people at certain times are not legitimate targets for a sicko bully's 'humor'.

As the church struggles to cleanse herself and a brave, frail old man gallantly stands aside for a stronger candidate, that's a time to stand and applaud, not for ridicule from hypocrites. The church as a whole - like ALL humanity - has a lot to answer for, but let the sinless cast stones. I consider myself a faithful if sometimes defiant Catholic, and I certainly would've stormed out if I'd been there when the bishops' letter against President Obama was read to many congregations. But I'll be damned myself if I sit silent while ANY pharisee holds himself above us.

A good motto: Clean up thine own backyard first.


Don't bother. I already did.

So he's divorced? Did wifey ever say why? I'm a little old lady almost 68, but I believe absolutely in teaching self defense to women and raising girls to respect themselves enough to fight abuse, and I don't mean the stereotype "like a girl". Luckily for one of my generation, I grew up in a male-rich environment where I earned the nickname "the Sicilian" (even though we're Irish to the core) from my fondness for kneecaps. Timidity and submissiveness have no proper place in the female psyche. Male abusers understand only one thing: sharp manual physical retaliation. I don't mean killing, but there are plenty of ways to make them wish you had.


... but didn't anyone warn you it's dangerous to encourage me? After 7 years I have tons of little stories to tell.

Goody for Woody

I liked what he wrote on his guitar: "This Machine Kills Fascists".


If Letterman had only addressed Mutt's serious character flaws a few times, it would've carried some weight. But he beat the drums loud and long - almost nonstop - so I really give him a lot of credit. He was almost a modern Paul Revere, galloping through the country warning "The Republicans are coming! The Republicans are coming!"

More than a few credible health professionals along the way stated their view that Mutt suffers from some degree of sociopathy. If you ever read a psychiatrist's popular book from a few decades ago called The Sociopath Next Door, you'll see Mutt on every page. Of course you must remember that I consider conservatism itself sociopathic to the core, but it doesn't take a PhD to see that.

BTW, I like your bumper sticker idea!

Kudos All Around

.... to you for presenting this thread and to those thoughtful responses ahead of mine. Mustn't forget to thank Confucius and Mr. Chomsky for their words of wisdom.

I once visited Glen Beck's website just to razz him about something, and he not only removed my post as expected, he kept writing me threatening emails until I had to suggest legal action against him. He's truly nuts, people. At one time there was a video about his screaming insanity where you could insert your own name into the performance. I had a lot of fun with that. But yes, I know it's wrong to ridicule mental patients. If he weren't so public with it, I certainly would not do so.


You mean the group known as "People Eating Tasty Animals?" known to First Americans as 'bad hunters'?

The Real Fun Would Start

.... when some investigative reporter spills the beans on Limpball's real activities during his Dominican Republic 'bachelor holidays'. One of these days, maybe, when the short eyes madman has shrunk enough that the press is not so afraid of him.

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