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Name: Mike
Gender: Male
Hometown: Newport, OR
Home country: USA
Current location: Newport, OR
Member since: Thu Mar 14, 2013, 06:07 PM
Number of posts: 1,299

Journal Archives

The very nature of intelligence betrayal has to be clandestine of

necessity. Putin is a highly trained and experienced professional who understands the value of secrecy and how to maintain it. He handles tRump. Our IC eventually is likely going to have to go on the assumption that everything tRump knows has been passed on to our enemies, unless confirmed otherwise. And yes, I do not believe we will know the full extent and levels to which this country has been betrayed. Our IC may require years for confirmation. It is, as the Brits would understate, a bad situation.

I suspect this bombshell report is only the tip of the iceberg. The depth

of corruption when we finally get the full picture is going to be comparable to organized international crime families. The other aspect will be the actual betrayal of this country, which is going to be mind boggling because the full extent of it will probably never be fully known. We have a traitor in the Whitehouse who is incrementally selling our country to facilitate a potential dictatorship and family dynasty. The president is the greatest national security risk we have ever faced. We are no longer a functioning democracy and that is why the traitors are not yet behind bars.

I am constantly amazed by those who make blanket statements of

denial without doing the slightest bit of investigative hard work about the hundreds of worldwide reports while totally disregarding the professionalism and characters of those reporting the actual incidents. Sorry, the because l believe it, it must be true storyline is much more effective in the marketing of religion where hubris allows for the belief that humans are the pinnacle of creation. Hell, even the Catholic Church has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in hedging their bet. It is not my intention to try to convince anyone of the fallacy of their convictions, only simply to request that others be allowed to have an open and curious mind.

Every day there seems to be one more scary addition to the steps we

have been taking on the road to a fascist dictatorship. It is the ignoring of this steady journey l find the media guilty of. It has chosen to almost criminally abandon itís patriotic responsibility and professional integrity in many cases in exchange for useless superficial trivia. They have yet to present the big picture to the voting public, and it is scary as hell when they refuse to use the term demagogue even when they know it is applicable.

This action by the CIA is further confirmation that tRump, and likely

other members of his family, are indeed Russian moles. Cannot imagine the turmoil, frustration and sense of national betrayal they have been undergoing. They are patriots who have put their lives on the line. One very powerful mole will severely damage their network, but it will not completely cripple it. Rest assured there is a plan B for extracting information out of Russia that the traitors will never see.

The irrational fear and hatred mentioned is often not easily detected. In

many cases it only surfaces in unguarded statements. The ignorance in otherwise outwardly well balanced people has always been puzzling as they consider themselves well informed. Then you realize the source of all that hatred is talk radio, Fox News and the Republican Party. That is a very powerful combination that has to be discussed and combated if we are to stop and reverse the decay.

I'm definitely not in the useful idiot category. We have for

far too long under estimated the cunning and pure evil capabilities of this most of despicable of any human when it directly relates to his personal survival and net worth accumulation. The monster who sits in the whitehouse is a full fledged Russian asset personally guided and managed by Putin, the master spy recruiter among many other things. There can be no other logical conclusion.

Seem to recall Bill Browder stating Putin was worth about 200 billion,

much of which is tucked away in foreign accounts affected by the Magnitsky Act. All of his oligarchs are also involved, and that to a large extent explained the elaborate and expensive plan to get the sanctions lifted. Also the reason for the Russian bounty on Browderís life.

In addition to this stupefying clip there was another of him bragging about

how rich we are and that he had no intention of losing it, or words to that effect. tRump has a record of equating the country with himself, and conversely, himself with the country. It is my suspicion he was in this instance referring to himself and not country.His greatest fear is not the loss of an election and the power of the presidency. It is the underlying loss of his wealth and what it represents. Without it he would be nothing, and be even more of an empty despicable human being. He knows that, and it dictates almost everything he does and how he behaves. Once again l may be way out a limb with this observation as my only qualification is the lifelong observation of human behavior which, as any PoC will tell you, is a requirement for dealing with social prejudices.

The fact that we have been able to acknowledge publicly that

a dangerous lunatic rules this country yet are unable to remove him from office highlights a fundamental weakness in our system that our enemies, for enemies they are, exploit to the detriment of the validity of the democratic process.For this nut to be cracked requires the input of constitutional scholars and lawmakers way above my competence. I only know the problem exists, and has eventually to be dealt with if we are resolved to learn from every painful lesson the lunatic and his enablers have taught us.
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