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Profile Information

Name: Mike
Gender: Male
Hometown: Newport, OR
Home country: USA
Current location: Newport, OR
Member since: Thu Mar 14, 2013, 06:07 PM
Number of posts: 1,299

Journal Archives

Willing to substantially bet somewhere in Moscow Putin is celebrating

these white nationalist terrorists attacks. Make no mistake - it is an integral part of dividing America and sowing social discord. And tRump is his primary tool of implementation. How can one not now say that tRump is drenched in the blood of innocent people and children? May be a bit over the top to ask that, but this is a national emergency. PoC are being targeted by white terrorists.

I also have come to a similar conclusion. The often tossed around 'useful idiot'

term is not a laughing matter. Too man in the media are focused on what is said as a distraction, and not what is being done. The situation is way more dangerous than many have been warning. Putin knows he can only destroy America from within, and that is exactly what he planned, and what is being executed.

Correct. You need the idea first, and the research to prove that idea economically

feasible. Then you look for the funding. Itís an enormous amount of work involved, fueled almost by dedication and dreams. Once those are achieved, you are free from economic slavery. It also teaches you a political lesson. Pardon the soapbox.

Those of us that have lived with the passive form of racism

on a daily basis learned very quickly the body language and subtle words that identifies it as such. Now we see that in many instances it has becoming a dying requirement as the nationís bigot in chief is gleefully encouraging private and public practice as part of the plan to institute white nationalism - a nation of white people only. This coming election in reality will not be about policies. It will be about white nationalism, and all the institutional and social racism that implies. That should be recognized by the Dems and aggressively fought as such. Otherwise l fear the latent racism being brought to the surface by tRump and the entire GOP will prevail, and we cannot allow that to happen.

We ignore the advice at our own peril. Seems rather silly not to evaluate

the validity of the message because of the messenger. Thought we pitched a big tent where all who share a common goal are welcomed. There is nothing more important than getting rid of the traitor tRump.

I often wonder if Acosta was given that job as part of a payback for

agreeing to the initial Epstein settlement. His current 80% budget cut proposal fits perfectly with some of the speculations about the fate of incarcerated immigrant girls. No words to describe the level of criminality our present government is capable of. The disgust however is palpable.

The small city along the Oregon Coast where l live has an entire

department devoted to disaster preparedness, and continues to spend considerably funds to educate people on what to do. A monster tsunami is the real danger. Most of it is basic common sense, but a certain amount of specialized equipment and supplies are required if one takes the threat seriously. Still worth living here among such natural beauty more than worth it.

It seems, purely from this layman's POV, that tRump likely has three

reasons for this. He is doing what Putin wants as part of a grand geopolitical strategy, he is in a delusional search for a Nobel prize, he wants to develop the equivalent of a Moscow tower there. Basically it is Putin who is making the call, while using tTumpís own narcissism against him.

The idea sold by Putin and bought by tRump with traitorous support by

Republicans is that what works in Russia can work just as well in America. Of this there can be little doubt. Think for one minute of all the horrible implications.

Sad to read this. As my home was minute away, l would have breakfast

there on Saturday mornings and watch the early workouts. Got to know a few trainers, jockeys and stable hands. They all were careful to tell me where l was allowed to to go, and where not to. I was impressed with their security, but realized almost all doping problems originated from those with the necessary clearance. They will solve their many problems and be a an even better track to visit.
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