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Name: Mike
Gender: Male
Hometown: Newport, OR
Home country: USA
Current location: Newport, OR
Member since: Thu Mar 14, 2013, 06:07 PM
Number of posts: 1,300

Journal Archives

No, l do not think we are any closer to a dictatorship. It may appear

so only because the possibility has been more widely perceived. Admittedly our institutions have been weakened and corruption is rampant, but the basic value of what America is really all about, despite the barrage of lies and betrayal of the Republicans, remains essentially intact. That does not mean there are not more dangerous times ahead. tRump will increasingly be behaving like a cornered criminal, and he is capable of doing anything to try to ensure his wealth and survival. There are still vital groups of good people in government.

tRump's record very clearly indicates he will at the very least claim

some kind of fabricated fraud and try a power grab by manipulating his cult base to violence if he deems it necessary. This monster is now in the self preservation fight of his life, and to him the constitution is meaningless. What is debatable is how much support, and from where, he will receive. As has been well documented here, there are dangerous times ahead. Personally l have to believe he will ultimately fail and justice will prevail.

If you are among those who have carefully listened, read and evaluated

the evidence you cannot help but be for impeachment. The problem appears to be that there are way too many who are either too busy or too lazy to look beyond the sound bites based on lies. Personally l think that should not be a deterrent to doing the right thing. Namely impeaching the traitorous venal imposter.

The questions surrounding the possibility of intelligent alien

life, and whether or not we have been visited in the past and present continues to be fascinating. It seems the pinnacle of human hubris to assume we have some sort of monopoly on technology and universal exploration. The shock to our social, political and religious systems will be worldwide if and when we finally get answers that confirm our own ancient tribal oral histories. Hope l am still around then.

You are correct. Those demanding immediate impeachment maybe

should stop and think about why tRump wants to be impeached. Those who say the impeachment itself would give the public the necessary criminal facts have not considered that the political nature of impeachment would be used by tRump to erode and confuse the evidence of his criminality using the propaganda power of virtually a state tv. The one thing we already know is that the current occupant of the White House is a devious and vile individual capable nothing that is decent. Nancy Pelosi knows exactly what she is doing, and that scares tRump and his Republican fellow traitors.

Either we are a nation of laws, or we are not. Either Kremlin tRump is

above the law, or he is not. Either the truth and morality still matters, or they do not. How Nancy Pelosi and fellow Dems go about answering those vexing problems in the positive is what they will have to decide. Personally l think they should aggressively proceed with open hearings as part of the public educational process, after which the impeachment decision can be made. The bottom line is that unless Kremlin tRump is held accountable we as a nation will lose what is left of our international credibility. Into that mix is the certainty that Russia will again be trying to elect their puppet. Between now and Nov. 2020 the future of our nation hangs in the balance and it will be a time for bold actions, not faint hearts.

It is much more frightening to those of us who are considered POC.

Associates of Steven Miller have described him as a monster who hates brown people. This vile person has no problem putting little children in pens at the direction of tRump. Years ago an old friend mentioned he was convinced tRump was using the playbook from 1933 Nazi Germany. Steven Miller is the embodiment of that book.

Whatever is in the report, and none of us here yet know, it will of

necessity be redacted to protect the CI sources, and will represent an intermission as some experts have expressed. The real vulnerability of tRump is in following the money. That is being done by the ongoing House investigations, by SDNY and by NY state. Sure we all know that in all likelihood tRump is guilty of impeachable crimes, but because of the current makeup of the Senate they unfortunately have become part of the political theatre. The fight over thr Mueller report will continue, but itís the public exposure of his crimes by the ongoing investigations that will humiliate and bring him to his just rewards. For surviving that process patience is the required ingredient. Just one laypersonís opinion.

May be way off base here - but l suspect we may not even need a

impeachment trial. Why give tRumpís racist supporters a premature reason to make him into some kind of deplorable martyr? Better to continue and slowly intensify the five House investigations while educating with public hearings. Let the people do the impeachment at the polls, and the justice system the actual trials thereafter. This might be the smart political approach.The problem with this plan is it all depends on protecting the integrity of our voting systems.

While l agree that tRump is all about structuring his rule around corruption

and expanding the family organization in quest of power and money, with his Ďelectioní he crossed over into the darker world of geopolitical espionage controlled, and in service of the Kremlin. Putin, like the Saudis and every other despotic ruler, understands that with the tRump family everything has a dollar value and is for sale. In tRump Putin has recruited the perfect agent to fulfill his goal of making Russia great again. Again, tRump has crossed into espionage territory, and our IS has to be of that belief. That is what many seem to be missing.
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