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Toyota moves from Ca to Tx: When are bluestates going to actively fight job poachers?

This is basically outsourcing from one state to another and it is a race to bottom all the same.

Toyota Motor Corporation announced this week that it will be moving over 5000 jobs in sales, management, and marketing from Torrance, CA in Los Angeles County to Plano Texas, a suburb of Dallas. Toyota established a its first US relationship with Southern California in 1957 and opened its national sales and marketing headquarters in Torrance in 1982. This move to Texas follows a recent junket to California by reactionary Texas governor Rick Perry seeking to poach California industries by offering "a better business climate" in his proto-feudal plutocratic state, i.e. a climate in which social services, affordable health care, environmental protections, and women's rights have been sacrificed at the altar of lower taxes for the rich and bowing to the desires of the corporations, big oil, and the 1%.

Toyota is seeing record profits this year of around $17 billion. (Sarcasm ahead.) Of course, Toyota cannot afford the expensive environment of Los Angeles. Why in 2012, Californians actually agreed to slightly increase taxes on the top 0.1% to collect money for schools, healthcare, environmental protections, and infrastructure--the nerve. Californians actually believed in a slight move towards a balance between corporate and personal profits and the welfare of the middle class, working class, and poor. Bad for business indeed.

The United States saw its most prosperous and productive years when corporations such as IBM and GM had a covenant with their employees in the mid-20th century. CEOs and senior leaders still made reasonable bonuses and companies made reasonable profits, but workers were also provided the means for a middle class existence via solid salaries, stable pensions, and subsidized healthcare. Everyone understood the value of providing for the next generation of Americans via taxes to improve education and infrastructure. As so many have identified, the obsessive quest for unlimited wealth by corporations and the uber-rich, and the gross inequalities that have been built upon the backs of the labor and financial contributions of the middle and working classes since the 1980s, have devastated and destroyed this partnership and..........


We can't really put tariffs on them because they are technically part of the USA, but we probably can do other things to make the race to the bottoms unprofitable. Any ideas? We really need to fight. I think we will see more of this because they are in a panic over raising minimum wage. We need to be ready for it and come up with ways to counter it. Tax breaks and union busting are surrendering to economic terror. These guys aren't moving because they are unprofitable to so I don't feel bad for them at all.
Posted by betterdemsonly | Tue Apr 29, 2014, 08:48 PM (196 replies)
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