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Chaco Dundee

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Member since: Fri Apr 19, 2013, 12:09 AM
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eat all you like

With the amount of oil spilled in the B.P., transocean disaster it is amazing that consumers believe,gulf seafood is safe to eat.they have a hard time with second hand smoke,since carcinogenes do not agree with their system.the carcinogenes in gulf seafood must not have that effect because it,the marinelife also has been treated to a good solid diet of corexit.


I meant carnal,since described people conduct their private live in the same manner.that's how they get off.not avenue to keep a job or advance.


Lots of people do not know that.

very well said.

does anybody wonder?

People could not wait to get in line to vote for reagen,bush and bush.now they wonder.it's not like there was no choice.it only matters now if some will learn.

if only

The results of any work or job is a product Of combined effords.you controll nobody,but use combined skills to achive desired results and don't forgo or forget human decency in the treatment of employees on and off the job.those guys make your profits.

if only

If only I could find somebody with equal or more skill,s I coud delegate no matter the wages.reasonable industrie work standartds are a reflexion of Quality work.those standards demand wages,which enable a worker to do his Job without the worry for his family or let alone a second job.

Rand Paul

It,s that,or his good looks.
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