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Jesus Malverde

Jesus Malverde's Journal
Jesus Malverde's Journal
December 25, 2013

Did you know? Iowa Democratic women holding down undefeated primary streak

It’s well known and frequently remarked on that Iowa has never elected a woman as governor or to any federal office.

Despite that lack of ultimate success, however, female candidates for federal and statewide office in Iowa are actually undefeated in Democratic primaries dating back to 1988 – a fact that may be weighing on the minds of candidates for three high-profile races in 2014.

The last woman to run on the Democratic ticket for the U.S. Senate, the U.S. House, governor, secretary of state, auditor, treasurer, attorney general or secretary of agriculture and lose in a primary appears to be Mathilda Timmermans, who placed fourth in a four-way race for Iowa’s 6th Congressional Seat in 1988.

(The seat is now defunct, but at the time covered 23 northwest Iowa counties; ’88 primary winner Dave O’Brien ultimately lost to incumbent Republican Fred Grandy.)

Since then, 12 Democratic female candidates have run for Congress and won their primary, eight have run for statewide office and won and two more have run in the U.S. Senate primary and won.



Women have edge in Iowa Democratic primaries

As could-be candidates consider bids for two 2014 political races following high-profile departures last week, they may want to brush up on the history of one of Iowa’s weirdest political anomalies.

Although Iowa has never elected a woman to Congress or the governor’s office, female candidates are actually undefeated in Democratic primaries for federal or statewide office dating to 1988.


December 25, 2013

Special Knesset Meeting Called to Release Pollard

Source: Arutz Sheva

MKs from across the religious, political, cultural spectrums convene in Knesset. The cause: Jonathan Pollard's freedom.

MKs from across the political spectrum attended a special Knesset session Wednesday, in a public call for the release of Jonathan Pollard to the administration of US President Barack Obama.

Jews and Arabs, left-wing and right-wing politicians, secular and religious parties alike came together in solidarity to call for Pollard's freedom.

It was yet another campaign on behalf of the Israeli prisoner, who has been held in the US for over 28 years on spying allegations.

Much of the criticism was directed toward US President Barack Obama. White House spokespeople declared Monday that the President has "no intention" to respond to the mounting calls for Pollard's release.

Read more: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/175544#.UrsY5Hm9XOE

December 25, 2013

Las Vegas cab driver Gerardo Gamboa finds $US300,000 in cash on back seat

LAS Vegas cab driver Gerardo Gamboa thought someone left a bag of chocolates in the back seat. But this stash turned out to be cold hard cash.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that Mr Gamboa was making a pick up on Monday at the Bellagio hotel and casino when a hotel doorman noticed the brown paper bag and handed it to him.

At a red light, the Checker Cab driver's curiosity got the best of him. To his surprise, he found six bundles of $US100 bills totaling $US300,000 ($336,000).

The newspaper reports that Mr Gamboa called his dispatcher and took the money to the company's main office.


“Even though I am a poor guy, I don’t need money that doesn’t belong to me,” said Gamboa, a 27-year resident of Las Vegas.

December 24, 2013

China-Israel innovation industrial park to be built in Nanxun, China

Source: Jerusalem Post

Aiming to integrate the Israeli innovative spirit with Chinese market capacity, private investors and government officials from China’s Zheijiang province have come together to build a future China-Israel Nanxun Innovation Industrial Park.

“Israel is the country of innovation. It has many innovative setups and many innovative technologies. But it may encounter some problems with abilities to promote this technology into the market,” said Ricky Zhang, managing director and president of China-IL Business Association Holding Co., Ltd. “When Prime Minister [Binyamin] Netanyahu visited China in May he said that if we offer a marriage between Israeli technology and Chinese market it will be a win-win situation.”

China-IL Business Association Holding has already invested approximately $170 million in the future 7.2-square-kilometer park, which will be located in the Nanxun district of the city Huzhou, about 125 kilometers southwest of Shanghai. Representatives from both the investment firm and the local government are in Israel this week, meeting with a variety of Israeli companies potentially interested in setting up shop at the site. The park will be a home to research and development in six industries: energy conservation and environmental protection, medical instruments, electronic information, clean energy, new material and intelligent equipment manufacturing.

The investors are planning to divide the park into three zones: an industrial cluster for innovation enterprises, an incubation area for startup firms and a production area to bring technologies to markets, Zhang explained. The park will feature Israeli style architecture, exhibitions for Israeli products and facilities designed to cater to Jewish customs – such as some kosher style restaurants, he continued. “We hope to establish a platform for the technology transference as soon as possible,” Zhang said.We have found that many Israeli technologies and also solutions are very advanced, and will be very great demand in China.

Read more: http://www.jpost.com/Enviro-Tech/China-Israel-innovation-industrial-park-to-be-built-in-Nanxun-China-336033


U.S. complains to China after warships narrowly avoid collision

Report: US Furious at Israel Equipment Transfer to China
December 24, 2013

Anti-racism rally attracts thousands in Stockholm

Over 10,000 people took to the streets of Stockholm to protest against Nazism and racism in a demonstration which had a heavy police presence numbering over 100 officers.

The rally was held in Kärrtorp in the south of capital with numbers swelled by last week's violence after a similar rally in the same place was marred by ugly scenes instigated by neo-Nazis.

Swedish Television (SVT) reported that as many as 16,000 showed up chanting 'no to racism' and to hear speeches from several organizers including members of the Left party.

"I'm here to show my support for common people, families with children and for the right to move about in your own neighbourhood," said Spanish tourist Efraim Olalla who attended the rally whilst in Sweden on holiday.

Police had earlier said they were taking "preventive measures" to ensure the rally took place without incident. Last week the police said they didn't have enough officers on the beat when the violence escalated which resulted in several arrests.

The police did add that the latest rally had not been the subject of any threats in advance of the march.

"It feels as though the square has been taken back. It shows that there are many of us who believe in democracy and non violence," said Left party leader Jonas Sjöstedt to the TT news agency.


December 24, 2013

CEO Carolyn Reidy delivers record profits for Simon & Schuster

In her year-end letter to employees, Simon & Schuster CEO Carolyn Reidy said that the publisher is on track to “deliver record profits, a healthy gain in revenues, and our best-ever margins.” Reidy attributed the solid year to the continued publication of award-winning titles plus “the increasing sophistication with which we can reach consumers – either through traditional channels or by our greater use of direct-to-consumer marketing efforts.” With S&S’s digital revenues now at more than 27% of total sales, Reidy said the company has developed “deeper relationships” with its e-book partners and is changing “how we position ourselves as a consumer-facing business.”

Reidy noted that since its spokenword audio program, Pimsleur Language, launched its direct-to-consumer platform in 2012 the unit “had a significant rise in traffic and growth in sales” in 2013. Other new marketing activities led to S&S’s author videos being seen by more than 25 million viewers, and its newsletter subscription base has grown by more than 60%.


She's a long time Democrat with donation to Gore and Hillary Clinton for President

What a refreshing change from the Meg Whitmans and Carly Fiorinas of the business world.

December 24, 2013

Report: Kerry's security proposals accept most Israeli positions

Source: Jerusalem Post

Army Radio: US security ideas call for Israeli presence, massive fence on Jordan border, Israeli ability to gather intel in West Bank.

John Kerry's security proposals presented to Israel and the Palestinians as part of ongoing peace talks accept most of Israel's positions, including Israeli control of the future Palestinian state's border with Jordan, Army Radio reported on Tuesday.


According to the Army Radio report, the US is prepared to give Israel full control of the Jordan border, as well as the ability to spy and collect intelligence in the West Bank.

Kerry also proposed that a massive fence be built along the length of the Jordan Valley, similar to the current West Bank separation barrier, placing the proposed Palestinian state between the two fences, Army Radio reported.

According to the report, the US security proposal also allows for Israeli drones to fly over the West Bank, collecting intelligence and spying on terrorist activities. Jordan border patrols will initially be carried out by IDF soldiers only, for the first few years, and will eventually be made cooperative with Palestinian security forces and Jordanian forces.

Read more: http://www.jpost.com/Diplomacy-and-Politics/Report-Kerrys-security-proposals-accept-most-Israeli-positions-335972

Earlier: Kerry presents new security plan to Netanyahu, Abbas
December 24, 2013

South Sudan sees 'mass ethnic killings'

Source: BBC

New evidence is emerging of alleged ethnic killings committed during more than a week of fighting in South Sudan.

The violence follows a power struggle between President Salva Kiir, a Dinka, and his Nuer ex-deputy Riek Machar.

A reporter in the capital, Juba, quoted witnesses as saying more than 200 people, mostly ethnic Nuers, had been shot by security forces.

The UN says it has discovered a mass grave in Bentiu in the oil-rich Unity State, containing about 75 bodies.

"There are reportedly at least two other mass graves in Juba," UN human rights chief Navi Pillay said in a statement.

Read more: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-25502457

South Sudan's president is Salva Kiir, an ethnic Dinka, who has worn the black cowboy hat given to him as a gift by President George W. Bush every day since receiving it in 2006.

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