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Joe Nation

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Member since: Mon May 27, 2013, 01:46 PM
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The Problem I've Always Had With Hillary Clinton

I like Hillary Clinton and I'd vote for her over anyone on the Right in a heartbeat. I have no interest in the faux "scandals" the Right-wing hate machine churns out year after year. My complaint is that Hillary Clinton, much like Bill Clinton, is a corporate Democrat. She has done the calculation that Wall Street will back someone on the Left and someone on the Right. She wants to tap into all that Wall Street cash even though you and I and she knows the strings that come with that cash. Of course Bernie Sanders supporters are licking their chops at this analysis of Clinton but even though I completely support the ideas Bernie has put forward, without support from establishment Democrats and even a few fed-up Republicans, Bernie will spend 4 years being blocked at every turn much like Obama has been.

So tell me, do I support the corporate Democrat or the guy nobody will work with?

Megyn Kelly Getting Death Threats From Trump Supporters

I'm thinking back and trying to remember the last debate moderator that ever received death threats and I am coming up blank. Maybe in the 1800's at some point? Trump supporters are certifiably wing nuts with anger issues. Well Fox, you created the beast now deal with it.
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