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Joe Nation

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Member since: Mon May 27, 2013, 01:46 PM
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To Trump Supporters, If There Be Any Here On The DU

I know that many liberals tend to just dismiss Trump supporters and call them idiots and a whole host of other names. I can't say that I haven't done the same. I now realize that this isn't a viable solution to build a bridge, and, that when you put politics aside, these same people are my neighbors, friends, and family members. So help me to understand your support. That is all I am asking. Please, no side comments from the regulars of DU. I already know what you think.

Anyway, Please list as succinctly as possible the top three things that Donald Trump has done to earn your support. Not the things he said he would do but the things he has actually done. While I do not support him or his administration, even I can name things he or the GOP have done that have actually benefited me. So let me start:

1. Because I have a high household income, I have received about $10,000 more annually from the Trump/GOP tax cuts.
2. Honestly, Donald Trump has energized the Democratic Party and the youth vote like nothing else in years, it's undeniable.
3. Finally, I feel that Trump's presidency will hasten the demise of the GOP which demographically has been doomed for years.

I realize that there may be few to no Trump supporters here and I am OK with that. But if you're lurking and can muster up the courage of your convictions, please help me to understand your support choice. I promise not to judge.
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