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Joe Nation

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Member since: Mon May 27, 2013, 01:46 PM
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What song should be blaring as the Trumps board Marine One for the last time on 01/20/21?

I say....

Lawyers, Guns and Money
Warren Zevon

I went home with a waitress the way I always do
How was I to know she was with the russians, too?

I was gambling in havana, I took a little risk
Send lawyers, guns, and money
Dad, get me out of this, hiyah!

An innocent bystander
Somehow I got stuck between a rock and a hard place
And I'm down on my luck
Yes, I'm down on my luck
Well, I'm down on my luck

I'm hiding in honduras, I'm a desperate man
Send lawyers, guns, and money
The shit has hit the fan

Send lawyers, guns, and money
Send lawyers, guns, and money

Send lawyers, guns, and money, hiyah!
Send lawyers, guns, and money, ow!

If everything Christians believe about God is true, then God has to be greatest recycler

in the universe.

First time poster in this area of DU:

Never mind the recycling that occurs in nature and the greater universe. The evidence of that is well-known and it has been happening forever and always will be happening at least on a time scale that matters to us, and God did create the universe. If the soul is real, as Christians believe, then it is created by God and given human form at some point in the reproduction process. Some believe it to be upon conception while others believe the soul is given at a later point. Either way, the souls is God-given and ultimately when the body dies, the soul returns to God completing the cycle of life and death. Whether souls are then reused, is less documented in scripture but some believe that once heaven has been reached, the soul remains their as some kind of blessed being for eternity. The point is that nothing is wasted in the process. God is a recycler. Shouldn't we be like God?

The single biggest mistake the CDC made was telling Republicans that masks protect others

That was never going to be an effective strategy when it comes to Republicans. They have never cared about anyone but themselves and they never will. Next pandemic, there will be "good lies".

I think history will call this the October demise

With poll numbers collapsing for the president, Trump is thrashing about in every direction like a freshly caught walleye on the bottom of a sunbaked fishing boat. He is making erratic decisions that only hurt his re-election chances, contradicting himself and his party, and distancing himself from his own base with surgical precision.

At this stage, you have to be a white supremacist, a visitor from another planet, or you have to have been convinced that November 3rd is National Opposite Day (Everybody knows that was January 25th) to cast a vote for Donald Trump in this election.

So maybe we'll have new holiday to celebrate next year. Let me be the first to wish you a Happy October Demise Day in honor of the greatest failure this country has ever produced, Donald J. Trump.

The difference between the 2016 and 2020 yard signs in my town

I live in a conservative rural area in the Midwest which probably is a redundant description. An interesting observation from my vantage point is that in 2016, there were plenty of Trump and Clinton yard signs and of course signs for the local and statewide races as well. This time around, I see plenty of the local candidate yard signs for republicans and democrats but where the Democrats have yard signs for the presidential race, the statewide races, and the local races, the republicans are almost exclusively statewide and local candidate signs and no Trump yard signs.

I have to wonder if the Trump campaign simply isn't investing resources in a state that will go blue no matter what or are republicans afraid to post Trump signs in their yards for fear of all of the boogiemen the Right has scared them with? And I mean BLM, ANTIFA, and the scary Socialists. The farms of course have Trump signs all up down their roads but here in town, Trump signs are all but impossible to find so I know there are signs to be had in my area.

I did have something weird happen today. Someone pulled up in front of my house and took a picture of my yard sign and drove away. My yard sign says; Any Functioning Adult 2020.

It's either Typhoid Trump or Donnie's Disease Distributor

Okay, I have to know what causes this kind of freakish behaviors:

A. Is he on pain killers or other hallucinogens?
B. Is he that desperate to change the subject from his taxes?
C. Did he receive new orders from Putin.
D. Is he a Stepford President?
E. All of the above?
F. Other?

Why do the Democrats always have to be the adults?

Just once I want to tell the Republicans; Sure! Go ahead and go play in that minefield. I know you wanna. I know that I said that it wasn't safe or remotely wise, but you go ahead and run over there and have a good time. I'll wait here. Would you like a juice box when you're done playing? So cute! Bye.

I'm a Democrat. I don't want to defund the police. I want to give them a raise.

And so do you. We all should. This could easily be accomplished at no additional cost to the taxpayers. It would go a long way to returning accountability to the people. It is exactly the strategy the Conservatives have been using for years. And we should all get onboard with this immediately.

Sound too good to be true you say? It is easier than you think. Simply ban police unions. The police should be accountable to the people not the unions that hold no one accountable. Republicans have spent decades attacking public service unions with success. Why should the police unions be any different? The police work for us and we pay their salaries. Why should a union decide which police are protected when we know there is abuse. Their are lot of good cops it is true. The good ones are kept silent because of the power of the unions making all cops complicit even if they don't want to be.

With unions gone, there are no more union dues. That money becomes a raise for all police. Why haven't we tried to ban police unions already? A certain number of cops would certainly quit as a result and you know which cops those are. Drain the cesspool and see what gets filter out of the system.

Prove me wrong. This seems like a no-brainer.
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