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Joe Nation

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Member since: Mon May 27, 2013, 01:46 PM
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No news updates on Hunter Biden since the election

And I was following the developments so closely and all. Now what am I going to do for my Hunter Biden scandal news? Fox won't mention him. Trump won't mention him. Rudy Giuliani seems occupied elsewhere. It's not fair to get me all excited about the biggest news story of the century and then bupkis. I beginning to think that there is a cover-up going on. Oh, Joe Biden, you wascully wabbit. Well played my friend, well played.

Health Care workers should refuse to show up in red states that bar masks mandates

It's time to take the fight to Republican governors. If they won't do anything to abate the spread of COVID for purely political reasons, then they do not deserve health care workers that put themselves in danger. Doctors, nurses, ambulance drives, and all the health care frontline personnel should travel to places where the governors are actually being responsible until the pandemic ends. Enough is enough. Time to drive home the point that we have the ability to fight this disease but we shouldn't placate the political whims of irresponsible politicians.

In all fairness to Lindsey Graham...

...he can hardly be blamed for contacting Brad Raffensperger the Republican Secretary of State in Georgia to ask him to commit election fraud. The incalculable odds of actually running into an honest Republican in the State of Georgia have to be astronomically small if not all but impossible.

Graham was just playing the odds and somehow found an actual honest Republican in a state where the two current Republican Senators Perdue and Loeffler have called for Raffensperger to resign for basically not disenfranchising enough Democrats for Trump to win the state, while Loeffler and her husband were accused of insider trading related to her early briefings on the COVID-19 pandemic.

So in all fairness to Graham, what are the odds of accidentally running into an honest Republican in Georgia. Maybe someone here from Georgia knows one other than Raffensperger?

The economy as we knew it might be over, Fed Chairman says

Source: CNN Business

The economy as we knew it might be over, Fed Chairman says
By Anneken Tappe, CNN Business

Updated 4:57 PM ET, Thu November 12, 2020

New York (CNN Business)The Covid-19 pandemic brought the economy to a screeching halt, and while it has started its long road to recovery, the economy we knew is probably a thing of the past, said Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell on Thursday.

"We're recovering, but to a different economy," Powell said during a virtual panel discussion at the European Central Bank's Forum on Central Banking.
The pandemic has accelerated existing trends in the economy and society, including the increasing use of technology, telework and automation, he said. This will have lasting effects on how people live and work.
While technological advances are generally positive for societies over the long term, Powell said, on a short-term basis they create disruption, and as the market adjusts to the new normal the pain isn't shared evenly.

Read more: https://www.cnn.com/2020/11/12/economy/economy-after-covid-powell/index.html

Four years ago, it seemed like everything was just awful.

My spouse and I work at a large university in a blue state. Four years ago, we were suffering under the leadership of a really horrible university president, a governor that was really, really terrible, and then Trump was elected. It seemed like crazy was coming out of the woodwork at the time.

I remember thinking that the only thing that was going to make any of this better was to see these three figures out of our lives forever. Within a year or so, the university president resigned in disgrace under a cloud of corruption. I thought to myself, one down and two to go. The 2018 election season handed our one-term governor a handy defeat. The state elected a progressive governor and all I could think was, two down, one to go.

On Saturday, the third domino finally fell. It took over four years, but all three are finally gone, replaced with people I respect. It just goes to show you that nothing is forever and all you have to do is hang in there and better days will come around. Remember this in 2024.

Glorious Election Day in Illinois with Governor Pritzker declaring November 3rd a State Holiday

Months ago, Gov. JB Pritzker declared that today would be a State Holiday. Voting is so easy and relaxed although many of us voted early anyway. It's like a party to celebrate democracy across the entire state. If you need an example of the opposite of voter suppression, Illinois is your best bet. Thank you Governor Pritzker! This could be the beginning of a tradition in Illinois. We already have our bottle of champagne chilling in the fridge.
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