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Joe Nation

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Member since: Mon May 27, 2013, 01:46 PM
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The argument Republicans have no answer for

Republicans claim that there were millions of fraudulent ballots cast that put Joe Biden and Kamala Harris over the top. My question would be, how did Republicans end up picking up seats in the House and maintaining many vulnerable seats in the Senate in this scheme?

Did this democratic scheme not think to cast fraudulent ballots for the down ticket races as well? It just seems that if the Democrats were smart enough to manipulate the voting process to get Biden and Harris elected, you'd kind of think that they would also be smart enough to manipulate the voting to also get more Democrats elected to the House and Senate at the same time. Huh?

Common sense dictates that there was no fraudulent ballots cast but common sense isn't what we are dealing with here on the Right I suppose. Developing a frontal lobe might help these poor unfortunate misfits.

The GOP has become the WGPP...The White Grievance Pity Party

How the GOP has fallen. They went from a proud fiscal conservative party to a bunch of white nationalists whining and crying about "stolen" elections and rallies of riled up rubes threatening their own party officials for not going along with their insane conspiracies spurred on by the biggest baby man ever to occupy the White House.

The GOP really doesn't deserve any sympathy. They marched down this path with both eyes wide open and knowing full well where they were headed and went there anyway. Screw them and their cadre of rubes and clowns.

I'm done with their pity party and any of their concerns. If they are willing to burn down democracy itself to get what they want, then we should not cut them any slack. They are extremists at best, terrorists at worst. We should not tolerate them in the public square nor tolerate their opinions. I'm just done with them.

The adults are back in charge. Time to dole out some tough love. You can't give in to bullies.

No news updates on Hunter Biden since the election

And I was following the developments so closely and all. Now what am I going to do for my Hunter Biden scandal news? Fox won't mention him. Trump won't mention him. Rudy Giuliani seems occupied elsewhere. It's not fair to get me all excited about the biggest news story of the century and then bupkis. I beginning to think that there is a cover-up going on. Oh, Joe Biden, you wascully wabbit. Well played my friend, well played.
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