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Joe Nation

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Member since: Mon May 27, 2013, 01:46 PM
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Breaking News: Rush Limbaugh still dead

"Now, you know, Vladimir Putin is saying that Obama and Kerry are lying. And I don't know about you, but I find myself to be in a really curious situation. Who do I believe, Vladimir Putin or Barack Obama and John Kerry?"

~Rush Limbaugh

Limbaugh appeared to be impressed by the fact Russia had compiled a 100-page report blaming Syrian rebels for the chemical weapons attack, not Russia's longtime ally, President Bashar al-Assad. Limbaugh told his listeners: “Now, I don't know about you, but what does it feel like to have to agree with a former KGB agent?”

A turn in the Russian War in Ukraine nobody is talking about yet

Everyone knows that Russia has a much larger military than Ukraine and that the Ukrainians have a lot more motivation to defend their homeland. Those factors have seen this war drag on much longer than Putin had initially expected. However, if things keep going as they are, Russia will eventually overrun the Ukrainian Capital and most of the country and this will become a gorilla war situation just as the Ukrainian fighters have promised. They will never give up the fight.

My question is at what point do these Ukrainian fights take the fight to the Russian Homeland? Right now, I see the reasons not to take such an action as it would be an escalation that Russia could use to justify their aggression. But, at some point, blowing up Russian cities will help to pull back troops from Ukraine to protect Russian cities. It would also help bring Putin to his knees if the Russian military and the citizens of Russia turned on Putin for his aggression in Ukraine.

Nobody is talking about this scenario, and I wonder at what point Ukraine decides to take the fight to Russia?

What's wrong with airline passengers these days?

I haven't been flying a lot since the pandemic began. I've probably only taken 2 or 3 airplane rides since early 2020. I have however, heard quite a few stories about unruly passengers disrupting flights with stupid aggressive behaviors and have certainly seen the videos.

I was flying out west last week and about two hours into the flight, the flight attendants were pushing the drink/snack cart from front to back for the second time. I was about 7 seats from then back of the plane when this woman, probably in her fifties, but looked older due to a weathered face started bitching and complaining about not being able to use the restrooms in the front of the plane because the cart was blocking the aisle. They asked her to please use the restrooms in the back. She stood next to me complaining and swearing about how the line was so long and that she had to wait, and every other word was F-this, F-that directed at the flight attendants.

Eventually, the flight attendants made their way next to my seat. And just about then, this woman came up behind them and demanded that they move because they had told her to use the restrooms in the back. The flight attendant was nice to her right up to the moment this woman let go a "Fucking Bitch!" comment at her.

The more than capable flight attendant took this woman all the way to the back of the plane and read her the riot act. This passenger was either already drunk or was the crassest piece of white trash I have ever come across or both. The flight attendants moved their cart all the way back and told her to go to her seat and stay put or else.

I was stunned and so was my adult son who was sitting across the aisle from me. We couldn't believe what we just witnessed. What is wrong with these people? There needs to be a no-fly, one-strike policy for people like this individual.

The pattern that I have seen in society since Trump unleashed these morons on the rest of us is that these people think that their uneducated opinions and crass behaviors are their right. They act exactly like spoiled children. The more freedom they think they have, the more abusive they feel they can be. Any parent worth their salt would correct that behavior immediately and not let them ramp it up. Very disturbing trend in this country.
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