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Member since: Sat Jun 22, 2013, 02:25 PM
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We don't even know if he was intoxicated.

No one has noticed or even questioned the use of "appeared" drunk in this article; and the fact that this article is based on assumption, rather than fact. It is not difficult to determine if someone is truly intoxicated; yet, we are just to accept that he "appeared" drunk. There are many diseases, even reactions to legal prescription drugs, whose symptoms can mimic intoxication. Or it could be a railing did give way, which would be the reason for death, and has little to do with the condition of the person leaning on it. Perhaps, after alcohol toxicity results are in (as long as there are no chain of command issues) we may discover he was intoxicated. Until then, there is a harshness in the existence of and overindulgence of condemnation. Always ask yourself in whose best interest it is for the support of a particular viewpoint, in this case, that this man be vilified and made to appear "at-fault" for his death. Question authority.
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