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Member since: Wed Jul 24, 2013, 01:10 PM
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Honest question


I'm looking for serious advice.

Some of my family members are trying to push back on the new Trump tape release. Bill Clinton must have said worse things! And he sexually assaulted!

To which I've responded that (a) Bill Clinton isn't running for office, (b) he had consensual affairs (which was very wrong), but the sexual assault allegations haven't gone beyond the "allegation" stage, (c) he had the good sense not to say anything crude anywhere near a recording device, and (d) he was actually punished by being impeached.

The counterargument I've had less luck addressing is that Hillary Clinton, either by not ditching Bill Clinton or not trying to stick up for the putative victims, enabled the whole thing.

I've pointed out that Hillary Clinton has a long and robust track record of supporting women and women's rights, but what have the rest of you been saying on this point?

I'm really curious.
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