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Member since: Wed Jul 24, 2013, 01:10 PM
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If it went to the Supreme Court, who would be involved?

I mean, if the results of the election are somehow contested long after the election, and it ends up with the Supreme Court as in 2000, would the entire panel of judges be involved?

Wouldn't the justices appointed by Trump be required to recuse themselves?

Honest question here.

about my comment yesterday regarding Trump lying to Woodward.

After admittedly cursory research, I though it likely that Trump didn't know anything about the virus in February, and was lying to Woodward to cover his ass over his inaction.

I now realize my initial assumptions about timing were wrong. This wasn't just CYA on Trump's part.

Nevertheless, I hope you can understand why I might have come to that conclusion. Any sentence with the words "Trump knew" is immediately suspect to me. Trump is obviously dealing with a diminished deck right now. I don't know if it's a stage of dementia, the effects of one or more strokes, or just his inherent ignorance, but the concept of Trump understanding something well enough to make that kind of calculated decision seems unlikely on its face.

I certainly wasn't trying to parrot any kind of right-wing argument; Trump knowing and doing nothing, as opposed to not knowing and lying about it after the fact, are both pretty bad.

In any event, we now have a new slogan to chant at rallies:

Trump knew.
Trump lied.
200,000 died.

(I realize the current US death toll is below 200k, but it'll get there.)

Why Trump will probably never be convicted of anything.

Even if Biden wins in November, there are two reasons it'll be almost impossible to get a conviction for any crimes he's committed, before or during his time in office.

1. There's no way an impartial jury could be empaneled. A majority of Americans think he's a useless crook. A sizable minority think he can do no wrong. I don't think it's possible to find 12 people in this country who could honestly claim to be neutral or impartial on anything he's done.

2. His health. In particular, there's clear evidence of a mental decline in recent years. Has he had mini-strokes? Is he dealing with dementia? An argument could be made that he's unable to help in his own defense because of his limited faculties.

I very much want to be wrong about both of these. The country, and the world, can't heal from this abomination until there's real accountability. But I'm growing increasingly concerned that the Orange One himself might avoid efforts to make him accountable.

Thoughts? Fears?
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