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Name: Kevin McQueeney Sr.
Gender: Male
Hometown: Boston, MA
Home country: USA
Member since: Sun Aug 18, 2013, 06:21 AM
Number of posts: 864

Journal Archives

Saw this on Facebook....

I could not be as thorough, but certainly agree.

"well i guess i should say something so here it is , 4 all those too lazy and too tired to vote tues KISS MY ASS,4 all those dem candidates who distanced themselves from the prez during this midterm KISS MY ASS,4 all those people who depend on sec 8 and welfare and free shit from the govt , but didnt vote KISS MY ASS , 4 all u women in red states who didnt vote or voted red KISS MY ASS 4 all u stupid underpaid overworked low wage employees who didnt vote but went shopping because the kids were out of school KISS MY ASS 4 all u mealy mouth backstabbing politicians who flooded my mail and phone begging 4 the funds for the coward ass dems KISS MY ASS 4 all those without health ins but will come begging,at the food pantry and the free toys 4 your kids this christmas KISS MY ASS, 4 all u dumb hateful racist that voted against your own interest DOUBLE KISS MY ASS 4 the republican party KISS MY ASS, 4 all u so called dems that think 2016, I and a lot more people will 4 get how you screwed this prez and the american people KISS OUR ASSES, BECAUSE HILLARY WONT WIN, BECAUSE WE WONT GIVE A FUCK ANYMORE, and 4 all u that actually believe that this is post racial america, who the fuck are u kidding KISS MY ASS, and lastly 4 the democrat party as a whole u sniveling ass kissing backbiting hypocriticaL spineless money hungry keep my job bastards you're next KISS MY ASS,now 4 all of us who tried which is mostly middle and working class people i say thank u , but we have to let this party go it means shit 4 us and go progressive or independent but at least a party that has the balls to stand together regardless of what , well now i vented, oh i almost 4got 1 more 4 all u women in red states that have to keep that rapist baby, or that unwanted pregnancy, but voted repub, or not at all because you had other things to do or you listened to your race baiting politician tell u about the black guy KISS MY ASS, HAVE FUN WITH THE KID, well thats enough ass kissing 4 today , i'm running out of room on my ass
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