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Miles Archer

Profile Information

Name: Miles Archer
Gender: Male
Hometown: Hamilton Massachusetts
Home country: USA
Current location: Nevada
Member since: Wed Oct 16, 2013, 07:49 PM
Number of posts: 18,489

Journal Archives

NO, we're SCREWN! LOOK at this IMPRESSIVE list of folks who Trump tweeted, saying he won the debate!

Donald J. Trump Verified account

Just landed in Ohio. Thank you America- I am honored to win the final debate for our MOVEMENT. It is time to #DrainTheSwamp & #MAGA!


Palin will help get Trump elected, but first must locate Captain Jack Sparrow & the Black Pearl


It was great to witness UNLV's Presidential debate tonight. Great running in to many friends!

Trump ran the table and clearly explained his vision for making America safe and strong again. What a gamble it would be to vote for status quo failed government... more of the same of what dug us into the mess we're in today.

Thank you to superb law enforcement personnel for keeping everyone safe tonight. Incredible job; incredibly tough task they accomplish - with a smile, no less!

Seems silly media sheep are all chomping down on one issue after this debate, at least according to all the reporters who hollered out this same question to me: "What about Trump not accepting the election results?”

More power to Trump for explaining how vitally important the legitimacy of every election is to our democracy within our Republic.

What reasonable person would preemptively accept any and all hypothetical questions and conditions of any hypothetical election? Trump's answer was RIGHT.

Every American's sacred vote MUST be respected and legitimized in today's elections - but they must be FAIR elections. We're in the midst of proof of voter fraud and questionable - even violent - participatory elements in campaigns. That's why state legislators are now cracking down on voter fraud via tighter laws ensuring the security of our elections.

When Trump is pressed on this, it harkens back to all the GOP primary candidates who screamed at Trump to support the Republican nominee - no matter what - and Trump initially responded that he could, depending on fair treatment. That is WISE and INSIGHTFUL! Trump got screwed in that deal when he eventually pledged to support the nominee and then some of his fellow candidates turned tail and refused to reciprocate when Trump won.

Trump learned - why give opponents permission and incentive to act unfairly and cheat? It's shortsighted to commit to accepting the outcome of a race REGARDLESS of unscrupulous cheaters. How totally unfair that would be to the American voter!

Trump gave potential cheaters fair warning that we'll not give them any quarter. We'll hold them accountable. They'd better be on their toes. Cheaters will not win.

Of course Trump will accept the legitimate outcome of a legitimate election! What the heck is so hard to understand about that?

- Sarah Palin

"On Sunday, Trump sparred with Chris Christie, who informally played the role of Mrs. Clinton"

On Sunday, in a debate prep session at his golf club in Bedminster, N.J., Mr. Trump sparred with Gov. Chris Christie, who informally played the role of Mrs. Clinton, according to a second senior adviser, who also requested anonymity to share details of internal campaign activities.

Mr. Christie helped sharpen Mr. Trump for his last debate performance, helping him to more aggressively and coherently attack Mrs. Clinton over her use of a private email server, the adviser said. This time, Mr. Trump’s advisers are preparing lines related to Mrs. Clinton’s health, which Mr. Trump has sought to make an issue of after her bout of pneumonia in September.


GROUP HUG! Ivanka's greatest comfort? She can "shrug off" the accusations cuz she knows her dad.

After keeping mum on the controversy a week and a half, Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, 34, finally addressed her father’s shocking hot-mic comments on Monday. Her statement, issued to Fast Company, was, well, brief: “My father’s comments were clearly inappropriate and offensive, and I’m glad that he acknowledged this fact with an immediate apology to my family and the American people.”

Terse as her statement was, Ivanka went a step further than her brother Eric Trump, another campaign surrogate, by condemning her father’s comments as “offensive.” While saying he didn’t think the comments were “right,” Eric wrote off his father’s boasts as “locker room talk.” “That’s what happens when alpha personalities are in the same presence,” he explained.

In an interview with Fast Company ― her statement on the audio came separately ― Ivanka said she has learned how to “shrug off” the unflattering coverage of her father, including allegations of sexual assault.

“The greatest comfort I have is the fact that I know my father. Most of the people who write about him don’t. I do,” she explained. “So that gives me an ability to shrug off the things that I read about him that are wrong.”


The Onion: "Secret Service Shuts Down Biden’s Unofficial White House Tour Operation "

Secret Service Shuts Down Biden’s Unofficial White House Tour Operation


WASHINGTON—Encouraging the group of visitors that he was showing around the Roosevelt Room to “fucking hightail it,” vice president Joe Biden was reportedly stopped by “killjoy” Secret Service members Tuesday who moved quickly to shut down his unofficial White House tour. “I provide a legit service at a discount, unlike that rinky-dink official tour where you don’t get to peep half as much cool-ass shit, but those glorified security guards had to go and put the kibosh on it,” said Biden, who had reportedly been making some extra cash on the side by approaching groups of tourists waiting in line outside the White House and asking them if they wanted to see the “real deal,” before sneaking ahead into the West Wing to check if the coast was clear. “The actual tour is a huge ripoff, but Diamond Joe’s Ultimate Sightseeing Adventure shows you stuff that’s not on any map. Listen, there’s some shit that Barry doesn’t even know is here, and I was letting people in on it for a totally reasonable price. Plus, I give people way more bang for their buck with all the trippy strobe lights and dry ice in the basement, not to mention the fact that all of Uncle Joe’s guests get to snag a bitchin’ lamp or clock at the end.” At press time, Biden was reportedly lamenting that his most recent group of visitors missed out on seeing the historical spot where he mistook an 18th-century chest of drawers for a urinal while “completely tanked.”

***NOT from The Onion*** First Lady hopeful Melania would like to "work to combat cyber bullying."


As first lady, Melania Trump says she would be willing to lead an effort to combat bullying and negativity on social media.

Melania on Monday said in an interview with CNN that she was worried about cyber bullying and its impact on children, expressing concern for her 10-year-old son, Barron.

“I see now in 21st century, the social media, it's very damaging for the children,” she said. “We need to guide them and teach them about social media because I see a lot of negativity on it and we need to help them. “

It’s a comment that’s been met with skepticism considering Melania’s husband, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, has frequently used social media to unleash attacks on critics and political opponents.

Tomorrow: Debate #3. Also tomorrow: People Mag story corroborating Trump sexual assault allegations.

This week’s issue of People magazine will publish a story that seeks to corroborate former People reporter Natasha Stoynoff’s sexual assault allegations against Donald Trump, Editor in Chief Jess Cagle said in a statement.

Stoynoff spoke out about her assault after Trump denied that he had ever groped or kissed women without consent. While Trump and his campaign continue to deny the allegations in TV interviews, on Twitter, and at rallies across the country, People will publish a story in Wednesday’s issue that seeks to provide some confirmation of what happened to Stoynoff.

Cagle said, “In this week’s issue of People (which hits newsstands in New York on Wednesday), we feature a story that includes named sources who can corroborate Natasha Stoynoff’s account – including one woman (a friend of Natasha’s) who was actually with her when she bumped into Melania Trump on Fifth Ave., as outlined in her story.”

In her account of what happened in 2005, Stoynoff said that during an interview with Trump at his Florida Mar-a-Lago estate, he “shut the door behind us. I turned around, and within seconds he was pushing me against the wall and forcing his tongue down my throat.” Trump reportedly told her, “We’re going to have an affair, I’m telling you.”


Melania is proud of her nudes, so Bill is fair game. Except she left out one little detail.

Melania Trump, wife of presidential hopeful Donald Trump, thinks it’s fair for the GOP nominee’s campaign to attack Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton for her husband’s past infidelity. “They’re asking for it,” Trump told Fox News.

“Well, if they bring up my past, why not?” Trump added, claiming the Clintons had questioned her past modeling work “from the beginning of the campaign.” However, the Clinton campaign never formally released any statement over the photos.

Photos from Trump’s modeling career, including a series of nude images that the New York Post published in August, has garnered attention during the course of her husband’s campaign.

“That was my modeling days, and I’m proud of what I did,” Trump said. “I worked very hard.”


OK, WHO is going to pick up Trump's McDonald's order if Christie is "distancing himself?" WHO???


Chris Christie Distances Himself From Struggling Trump Campaign
“I’m proud of everything I’ve said, and that’s all I can control,” the New Jersey governor said.

The adviser and surrogate for Donald Trump is already trying to distance himself from the Republican nominee’s flagging bid for the presidency.

“The person who needs most to be concerned about the kind of campaign they’re running is the candidate. Because it’s the candidate’s campaign. It’s not my campaign,” Christie told O’Donnell in an interview that aired on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Tuesday.

The New Jersey governor went on to suggest that he and other campaign surrogates should not be held responsible for the campaign’s performance.

“I’m proud of everything I’ve said, and that’s all I can control. The rest of it I can’t control,” he concluded.

DU legal experts: This is a clear-cut case of libel...right?

There's also a video at the link below of him saying this.


Donald J. Trump Verified account

Crooked Hillary colluded w/FBI and DOJ and media is covering up to protect her. It's a #RiggedSystem! Our country deserves better!
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