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Miles Archer

Profile Information

Name: Miles Archer
Gender: Male
Hometown: Hamilton Massachusetts
Home country: USA
Current location: Nevada
Member since: Wed Oct 16, 2013, 07:49 PM
Number of posts: 18,489

Journal Archives

Special statement from GunBroker.com regarding the Zimmerman listing


Late last night, George Zimmerman created a listing on our web site for the gun from the Trayvon Martin case four years ago. Mr. Zimmerman alerted news organizations that began reporting on the listing first thing this morning.

Listings on the GunBroker.com web site are user-generated, exactly like social media posts. Mr. Zimmerman never contacted anyone at GunBroker.com prior to or after the listing was created and no one at GunBroker.com has any relationship with Zimmerman. Our site rules state that we reserve the right to reject listings at our sole discretion, and have done so with the Zimmerman listing.

We want no part in the listing on our web site or in any of the publicity it is receiving.

GunBroker.com prides itself in being a safe and legal way to buy and sell firearms online in full compliance with all Federal, State, and local laws. GunBroker.com proudly supports the Second Amendment rights of the American public.

Hannity posted "what happened" at the Trump/Ryan meeting. Short version is "jack sh*t."


GOP presumptive nominee Donald Trump was on Capitol Hill this morning to meet with Speaker of the House Paul Ryan. The two ostensibly met to hash out their policy differences and bring the GOP one step closer to unification ahead of the 2016 general election.

"We had a great conversation this morning," Trump and Ryan said in a joint statement. "While we were honest about our few differences, we recognize that there are also many important areas of common ground." The pair also indicated that the meeting was a positive step toward mending fences after a contentious primary. "This was our first meeting, but it was a very positive step toward unification," the statement said.

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus, who helped to put the meeting together at RNC headquarters, also claimed that the meeting was successful. Priebus tweeted:

Reince Priebus


The meeting was great. It was a very positive step toward party unity.
10:11 AM - 12 May 2016

Although the meeting is being touted as a success, there is no indication that Speaker Ryan is preparing to make an official endorsement of the real estate mogul. One top Trump aide has said there are "no expectations at all" that Ryan will endorse.

Danny Trejo Gets Vocal Over Stopping School Violence

2012 RNC rules RE: delegates & "presidential preference votes" expire 7/18...first day of convention

Arcane RNC Rule Could Be Last Resort for #NeverTrumpers
RNC rules committee member Curly Haugland says delegates should vote their conscience — primary voters be damned

And while there may be an appetite among the surviving #NeverTrump-ers on Twitter and in other corners of the Internet to block Trump's nomination, there isn't much evidence of the kind of vast conspiracy to which Stone refers. There's really only one prominent member of the RNC publicly advocating for a change to the party's rules: a pool-supply salesman from North Dakota named Curly Haugland.

In March, as talk of a contested convention was revving up, Haugland wrote a letter to all RNC members explaining that, contrary to popular opinion, delegates are not bound on the first ballot to vote for the candidate selected by voters in their state or district. "NEWS FLASH: All Republican Delegates to the 2016 Republican National Convention are Unbound!" he wrote.

In reality, it's a little more complicated than that. The 2012 RNC rules do, in fact, say that delegates are bound by presidential preference votes in their state, and that the votes of any delegate who votes otherwise will not be recognized. But those rules expire on July 18th, the first day of 2016 convention.

The 2016 RNC rules will be decided at a meeting of the rules committee one week before the convention. That's where Haugland will lobby for the removal of language that binds delegates to state votes.


Bërnie...that's right, I added an umlaut, and it stays.

No matter what happens over the next couple of months, this is my candidate. Bërnië effing Sanders.

Paul Ryan: A sneaky little sh*t, just like Niedermeyer.

House Speaker Paul Ryan said Wednesday the GOP has an obligation to unite around common principles. A day before he meets with Donald Trump , Ryan added: "We just need to get to know each other."

"What we're trying to do is be as constructive as possible but have a real unification," Ryan told reporters. "After coming through a very bruising primary, which just ended like a week ago, to pretend that we're unified without actually unifying, then we're going into the fall at half-strength."

Ryan, who meets with Trump on Thursday, has said he's not ready to support the presumptive GOP presidential candidate's run for the White House. Trump then refused to rule out blocking Ryan from serving as chairman of the GOP convention in July, and Ryan, in turn, said he would step down as chairman if Trump requested him to do so.

Speaking of Trump at Wednesday's news conference, Ryan said: "I don't really know him. I've met him once in person in 2012. We had a very good conversation in March on the phone. We just need to get to know each other."


Flint Mayor Ordered Staffer to Divert Charitable Donations to Her Campaign Fund, Lawsuit Claims

Flint Mayor Ordered Staffer to Divert Charitable Donations to Her Campaign Fund, Lawsuit Claims

Karen Weaver allegedly wanted lead cleanup money rerouted to "Karenabout Flint"

—By Julia Lurie
| Tue May 10, 2016 3:47 PM EDT

In November, Flint residents elected a new mayor, Karen Weaver, who promised to help solve the city's lead crisis and hold local authorities accountable. Now, she's mired in a controversy of her own.

On Monday, former City Administrator Natasha Henderson filed a lawsuit in US District Court against Weaver and the city of Flint, claiming she was wrongfully fired after raising concerns that Weaver was steering donations for Flint families into a campaign fund. According to the complaint, Henderson was approached in February by a tearful city employee, Maxine Murray, who told Henderson "she feared going to jail." The mayor, the suit claims, had instructed Murray and a volunteer to direct donations from Safe Water Safe Homes, a fund created to repair antiquated plumbing in Flint homes, to a campaign account called Karenabout Flint, and give them "step-by-step" instructions on how to make a donation.

As CNN notes, "Karenabout Flint" is not a state-registered PAC, though "Karen About Flint" was the mayor's campaign slogan, Twitter handle, and campaign website. According to the lawsuit, Henderson, the city's top unelected official, reported the matter to Flint's chief legal council in February and requested an investigation. Three days later, she was terminated on the account that there was no room in the city budget to fund her position—though Henderson noted that her position was funded by the state. The mayor's office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Read the full complaint @ the URL above.

Jon Bon Jovi opens second "Soul Kitchen" location


This week the singer opened his second Soul Kitchen restaurant in New Jersey, where guests can pay by either making a donation toward other people’s meals or by volunteering in the kitchen.

It’s all part of Bon Jovi’s plan to bring attention to hunger and homelessness by opening restaurants where everyone can participate, no matter their income level.

“Soul Kitchen just looks like another restaurant,” Bon Jovi told CBS News. “And you have to understand that those who are in need sometimes don’t have that opportunity to go to a restaurant.”

The first Soul Kitchen opened in Red Bank, New Jersey, in 2011. This second location is in nearby Toms River, a community hit especially hard by Hurricane Sandy. It’ll be part of a one-stop center that helps people apply for health care and nutritional assistance benefits and prepare for jobs in the food industry, the Associated Press reports.

#NeverTrump Has a Hail Mary Plan to Block Trump: Romney, Perry, Walker, Russell, Eastwood


Republican strategist Liz Mair, who has become one of the public faces of the anti-Trump crowd, tells Mother Jones that she's been having conversations with other leading conservatives opposed to Trump about a variety of backup options since Trump's last remaining rivals, Ted Cruz and John Kasich, dropped out of the race last week. One option, should they fail to recruit a viable candidate to run nationwide, is to get conservative candidates to run independent, single-state bids in as many states as possible.

Mair declined to specify which anti-Trump conservatives were most inclined toward this plan, but she mentioned several potential candidates. While Romney seems unlikely to launch a nationwide presidential bid, perhaps conservatives could convince him to put his name on the ballot in Utah, where he's popular due to his family roots there and his Mormon faith. Or Scott Walker could run just in Wisconsin, Mair suggests, or Rick Perry in Texas (although Perry endorsed Trump last week). Even non-politicians, she believes, would be better than Trump. "If we're going to be in the era of celebrities, we could get Clint Eastwood or Kurt Russell," Mair says.

If these one-off candidates could pick off a few key swing states, that might be enough to deny both Trump and the Democratic candidate (likely Hillary Clinton) an Electoral College majority. In that case, the president would be selected by the Republican-controlled House of Representatives, which presumably would be more inclined to hand the job to a traditional Republican than face four years of working with Trump.

The odds are not in favor of that outcome—not to mention the popular upheaval that might follow if this kind of scenario came to pass. But the strategy could accomplish a more modest goal. A popular name at the top of the ballot in certain states could give anti-Trump Republicans who were thinking of sitting out the election a reason to go to the polls and vote for other Republicans on the ballot. "The main logic behind that, from what I can glean," Mair says, "is that people are really worried about down-ballot in that situation."

Rudy Giuliani: Donald Trump Would Reportedly Make Ex-New York City Mayor Homeland Security Head

Rudy Giuliani: Donald Trump Would Reportedly Make Ex-New York City Mayor Homeland Security Head

“A secret deal has been struck by Donald Trump, and Rudy Giuliani would be head of Homeland Security,” an unnamed source told the New York Daily News.

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