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Miles Archer

Profile Information

Name: Miles Archer
Gender: Male
Hometown: Hamilton Massachusetts
Home country: USA
Current location: Nevada
Member since: Wed Oct 16, 2013, 07:49 PM
Number of posts: 18,489

Journal Archives

Dan Rather: "The more isolated Mr. Trump gets..."


On cue, in the wake of the stunning defeat of his health care initiative, President Trump is back sowing the seeds of division to appeal to his rapid base.

In a speech in front of law enforcement, he condoned police brutality. This is outrageous of course. But expect much more like it. The more isolated Mr. Trump gets, the more he is going to try to hold on to his political power by stirring up the seeds of intolerance. He will blame the "other" - no matter if that is transgender soldiers or past presidents at a Boy Scout rally. Both of those recent events backfired against Mr. Trump. The vast majority of the American public is not as hateful or spiteful as the president. The fissures in the GOP are cracking. They bought into Mr. Trump with the hopes of legislative victories. Now they see a self-described dealmaker dealing only in mounting losses and toxic rhetoric that riles up a few but turns off many more.

Playing up law and order as a culture war is a longtime tactic. But I don't think it will play this time. Most people understand that we need police. Most police are good, decent, brave public servants. And the best police officers will tell you that the kind of policing that Mr. Trump is advocating is not only unconstitutional it is downright counterproductive. Most people are also horrified by police brutality. We need a lot of work on this issue. There is a lot of understandable tension between the police in many places and the people they are supposed to serve. There are longstanding racial histories at play. But I think we can overcome this. If we work together.

The role of a president should be about building unity. Those who are most powerful and most successful are the ones who do this. Only six months into office, Mr. Trump's trajectory seems to be rapidly heading in the opposite direction.

Lawrence O'Donnell: "Police officers, all enjoying government paid for health care...

...disgracefully applauded Trump's now hopeless vow to destroy Obamacare."

Trump: "some really good things" in TrumpCare "need 60," so let's do away with 60

"If Republicans are going to pass great future legislation in the Senate, they must immediately go to a 51 vote majority, not senseless 60......Even though parts of healthcare could pass at 51, some really good things need 60. So many great future bills & budgets need 60 votes...."

You need to see this tweet. "They traveled to D.C. They slept outside in wheelchairs.."

John Nichols‏

They traveled to D.C.
They slept outside in wheelchairs.
They were arrested.
They never lost faith.
They saved Medicaid. @NationalADAPT

Trump holding a rally in Huntington, West Virginia on Aug 3

...because there's no better time to campaign for re-election than when you've just tanked on of your major campaign promises, the big beautiful solar-panel wall still hasn't been built, and...


Arlette Saenz‏Verified account

President Trump holding a rally in Huntington, West Virginia Thursday Aug 3, campaign announces

Why, Fox & Friends...you look like somebody just walked over your skinny repeal grave.


“You heard Chuck Schumer say we are not celebrating, yet you see some of the images out of Capitol Hill last night, in the middle of the night, people were taking selfies — a lot of happy faces,” said co-host Steve Doocy. “Elizabeth Warren outside taking selfies with supporters.”

Co-host Brian Kilmeade lashed out at the younger supporters celebrating with Warren and showed a fundamental misunderstanding of how health insurance works.

I laugh, too, that these young people are out there celebrating,” Kilmeade said. “Congratulations, you now will pay a fine or you have to have insurance. Congratulations, the healthy people are paying for the sick people.”

Co-host Ainsley Earhardt couldn’t resist joining in the pity party.

“Congratulations, because now people who need healthcare can’t afford it because these premiums are astronomical,” she said.

#FailureFriday UPDATE: Environment agencies oppose Trump plans for Scottish golf course. Sad!

Environment agencies oppose Trump plans for Scottish golf course

US president’s resort wants to build second 18-hole links in Aberdeenshire but critics say it breaches sewage and pollution rules


The Trump Organization faces a long battle with Scotland’s environment agencies after they objected to its plans to build a new golf course on the coast of Aberdeenshire.

The agencies have told Donald Trump’s company its plans for a second 18-hole course at his Trump International Golf Links Scotland resort north of Aberdeen breach strict rules on sewage pollution, environmental protection and conserving groundwater.

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (Sepa), which polices the country’s water quality and pollution regulations, has tabled formal objections to the proposed course unless the Trump Organization substantially revises its plans, and spends more on sewage and water supplies.

Aberdeenshire council, the local planning authority, has also been warned by the conservation agency Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) that it is unhappy with the location of the 18-hole course, to be named after Trump’s Scottish mother, Mary MacLeod, within the substantial dunes system which made the site so attractive to Trump.

"Lyin' Ted," "Little Marco," "Low-Energy Jeb," and now..."SENSELESS 60."

Donald J. Trump‏Verified account

If Republicans are going to pass great future legislation in the Senate, they must immediately go to a 51 vote majority, not senseless 60...

Jail Donald Trump‏

Replying to @realDonaldTrump
How does it feel knowing you are the cause of today's trending hashtag #failurefriday?

Woman says she's leaving husband because he won't support Trump

Woman says she's leaving husband because he won't support Trump


WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (AP) - The wife of a Florida Democratic state prosecutor says she is getting divorced - in part because she supports President Donald Trump and he doesn't.

Lynn Aronberg said in a press release Thursday that she is "amicably" divorcing Palm Beach County State Attorney Dave Aronberg.

Lynn Aronberg says she is a "staunch Republican and supporter of President Trump," while her husband is not. She says that fact led her to feel "increasingly isolated in the marriage."

The 37-year-old former Miami Dolphins cheerleader and public relations consultant said she is getting a $100,000 settlement, including a new BMW and $40,000 in cash.

Mitch gets a little choked up over how hard he worked to rob healthcare from millions.

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