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Huge Bernie AMA on Reddit!

He answers a ton of questions. There's some great discussion occurring.

Posted by Alittleliberal | Wed May 20, 2015, 12:03 AM (4 replies)

Robert Reich Hammers TPP As More "Trickle-Down" Economics: "Have We Learned Nothing?"

In fact, it’s just more trickle-down economics.
The biggest beneficiaries would be giant American-based global corporations, along with their executives and major shareholders.

Those giant corporations initiated the deal in the first place, their lobbyists helped craft it behind closed doors, and they’re the ones who have been pushing hard for it in Congress – dangling campaign contributions in front of congressional supporters and threatening to cut off funding to opponents.

The arguments in favor of the deal aren’t credible. The notion that the Trans Pacific Partnership will spark American exports doesn’t hold because the deal does nothing to prevent other nations from manipulating their currencies in order to boost their own exports.



It seems naive to assume the corporations have our best interests at heart. Why are we still using the same principles and trusting the same people who kept fucking everything up? Without increased tax rates on the rich, a massive expansion of the safety net and a minimum income the TPP could damage us tremendously.
Posted by Alittleliberal | Tue May 5, 2015, 09:12 AM (20 replies)
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