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Mueller just scored another huge win as longtime Trump ally turns snitch (Felix Sater)

McClatchy DC just reported that the Trump Organizationís former senior advisor, a Russian mafia-linked FBI informant, is now cooperating with Special Counsel Muellerís probe.

Russian-born Felix Saterís relationship with Trump lawyer Michael Cohen and their links to the Presidentís international business deals in the former Soviet Union are rapidly becoming a major focus of Muellerís probe, including subpoenas to compel sworn testimony and produce evidence.

He is a twice-convicted felon, who spent eleven years cooperating with the FBI and spent most of that time, plus the following seven years, working for the Trump Organization formally and informally as a business associate.

Details of Saterís decades-old cooperation agreement indicate that Muellerís prosecutors Ė one of whom, Andrew Weissmann, approved his deal originally Ė possess an overwhelming amount of leverage to obtain his cooperation, even in todayís case. McClatchy reports:

[Felix] Sater is cooperating with Muellerís investigation and provided more than six hours of closed-door testimony on Wednesday to the Senate Intelligence Committee, which also focused heavily on the deals involving Cohen, according to multiple people with knowledge of the hearing.

Sater previously provided similar closed-door testimony to the House Intelligence Committee in December 2017.

Felix Sater is also a childhood friend of embattled Trump lawyer Michael Cohen from Brooklyn, with whom he was involved with in both a secret Ukraine peace deal after Trumpís inauguration and in a Moscow Trump Tower deal during the election. But his history with the Trump Organization goes back to the early 1990s.

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