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Member since: Sat Nov 30, 2013, 04:06 AM
Number of posts: 18,096

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PBS: In Georgia, primary election chaos highlights a voting system deeply flawed

Full Frontal: Who Runs the World? Apparently This Guy. Meet Reference Man.

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee: The Republican Campaign of Voter Suppression

PBS: St. Paul mayor Melvin Carter's "challenge to young people of all ages."

Take your passion and anger and channel that energy: vote with that energy, fill out your census with that energy, engage with your community and the legislative process with that energy. Instead of being on the sidelines demanding that someone else on the inside make different decisions, step into a decision making role, step into your role as a stakeholder/owner of your community, city, country. Engage!

You're going to need a bigger boat/hospital. A tale of two mayors: "Jaws" and Tybee Island.

A few weeks ago I watched the movie "Jaws" and today a PBS News story about Tybee Island, Georgia.


Both are islands with small populations dependent on summer tourists for income.
There's a threat to people's health (shark/virus).
Local businesses demand reopening despite threat.
In "Jaws" a shark expert comes to the island, in Tybee an expert from the government comes to help with social distancing.
Both mayors wear anchor-themed clothing.

I think the anchor-themed clothing really clinches it:

From about 3:45:

Full Frontal. Samantha Bee's at-home interviews: Katie Porter, Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren.

NPR's Tamara Keith says HRC sent so many snarky tweets about Trump that it hurt her.

That Biden should be "staying away from a fight."

"Certainly, covering Hillary Clinton's campaign, they fell into the trap a lot of fighting that fight with Donald Trump. And it didn't work. The people didn't know what she stood for, because there were so many. you know, snarky tweets back at the Trump campaign."

I don't remember that. What snarky tweets? Okay, I have a bad memory, but I don't think that happened. Did it?

And who the hell didn't know what she "stood for"? Were people's memories erased so they didn't remember her decades of fighting for progressive policies? There was a lot of bullshit about Democrats not standing for anything except "I'm not Trump" propaganda. And a lot of complaining that Democrats weren't playing dirty enough to fight Republicans.

I don't know what Keith is talking about.

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee: Food Insecurity, How Coronavirus is Starving the Nation

PBS: Why don't Americans trust experts anymore?

Ted Koppel Discusses the State of Journalism and Democracy

Objectivity and expertise in journalism is disappearing. Reporters now give personal opinions, used to only be on op-ed pages. Reporters shouldn't be perceived as siding with one group or the other, not being seen as objective undermines democracy. The Internet enabled people with extreme ideologies on the left and the right to be publishers potentially reaching tens of thousands of people and not half a dozen people at the bar like it used to be. It's "democratizing" journalism, but in other professions like medicine or law or plumbing, this doesn't happen, you expect expertise.

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