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German choreographer Kurt Jooss' 1932 anti-war ballet "The Green Table"

A dance of death in eight scenes. The characters are the Gentlemen in Black, the Old Mother, the Old Soldier, the Young Girl, the Young Soldier, the Standard Bearer, the Profiteer, the Guerrilla Woman, and Death. Death will dance with all of them except the Gentlemen in Black responsible for the war, and only the Old Mother will welcome him.

The ballet opens with the Gentlemen in Black, diplomats gathered around a green table, who cannot reach an agreement and declare war. Death emerges from the dark performing his rhythmic dance. The Standard Bearer arrives, waving his flag as recruits join the army and loved ones see them off in The Farewells. The Battle. The Partisan. The Refugees. The Brothel. The Aftermath, the war is over. Finally we see the Gentlemen in Black gathered around the green table again, heading toward the next war.

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