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PBS. Shutdowns, layoffs, virtual tours: How Dutch museums are coping with COVID-19

Reminds me to virtually visit museums. For me, far superior to a real life visit: I'd get lost trying to find where I wanted to go and blisters from walking too much, discover that the museum was closed for renovation, have to pee really bad and order something to drink just to use the facilities in a cafe and then have to pee again soon after leaving anyway, get scared because it's cold and rainy and getting dark early and I have to get back to the hotel -- where is it?

Like Des Esseintes in "Against Nature" who plans a trip to London but before his train leaves France, stops at an English tavern where he sees English people and enjoys English food (oxtail soup, smoked haddock, roast beef and potatoes, a couple of pints of ale, a chunk of Stilton with a rhubarb tart, and some porter). He remembers his visit to Holland and how it had disappointed him, not lived up to his art fantasies: "Holland was just a country like any other."

It was getting late, cold and rainy outside, he didn't want to leave the tavern: "After all, what was the good of moving, when a fellow could travel so magnificently sitting in a chair? Wasn't he already in London, whose smells, weather, citizens, food and even cutlery, were all about him? ... When you come to think of it, I've seen and felt all that I wanted to see and feel ... and it would be madness to risk spoiling such unforgettable experiences by a clumsy change of locality. As it is, I must have been suffering from some mental aberration to have thought of repudiating my old convictions, to have rejected the visions of my obedient imagination and to have believed like any ninny that it was necessary, interesting and useful to travel abroad. He looked at his watch. 'Time to go home,' he said."
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