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Fred Sanders

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The "stadium in a rain forest" is actually in a city of 1.8 million people. Beautiful Manaus.

Yes, the weather is rainy for 3 months, not now usually, and yeah, it is expensive and likely a white elephant as many stadiums built all around the world, but can't we celebrate accomplishments for a change instead of distorting the facts in order to mock the accomplishments and efforts of others?


"To Brazil, the costs are worth it. This is the country’s one shot to show off its diverse geography and culture, especially the attractive pockets outside of the shiny cities.

It’s important to be skeptical about building in such an ecologically rich area. History has shown that cities that invest heavily in infrastructure for global sporting events are usually left with big shrines of excess, often adjacent to people who need homes and food, not high-priced concert venues. That said, I do see the enchanting novelty of a stadium in a rainforest. Properly addressing the environmental impacts of sun, rain, and humidity could make it a mighty unique place to take in a match of soccer."

Intelligent Design: Obama is coordinating with Syria and Iran to send latest Bundy-like militia

back to their strongholds, and even those strongholds are being pounded by the Syrian Air Force.


"Once welcomed in Syria by rebels seeking Assad's overthrow, the well-armed and well-organised ISIS soon gained the Syrian opposition's wrath because of its quest for hegemony and systematic abuses.

In 2013, it took part in operations against government forces. But in recent months, it has exclusively fought against the Syrian rebels, who accuse the group of serving the interests of Assad's regime.

A war pitting Syrian rebels against ISIS has killed more than 6,000 people, mostly fighters, since it broke out in January."

Obama even has Ms. Lindsay aboard, not that anyone but the propagandist in the media care, because any violence gets his blood flowing.

A thousand guys with guns riding around the country side in pickup trucks and whooping it up with cries of taking their country back? Sounds vaguely familiar........not to mention everyone hates ISIS in the Middle East, with notable exceptions, looking at you, Kingdom of Saudi, pretty much as most hate the American moocher militia, with notable exceptions, I am looking at you, Fox News.

And who really thinks Obama is about to launch air strikes into Iraq from a ship named in honor of President Bush? That would be myopic on a grand scale.

As Obama said, let them take care of their own dirty laundry, America has done enough damage by its imperialistic power lust.

Thank The Lord for Obama. If God does pick sides, he picked the right guy this time.


Iraq Rebels Stall North of Baghdad as Residents Brace for a Siege

BAGHDAD — A rebel juggernaut that captured Iraq’s second-largest city and raced nearly 200 miles south in three days, raising fears of an imminent assault on Baghdad, stalled for a second day on Saturday about 60 miles north of the capital, leaving residents bracing for a siege that so far has not happened.

While some Baghdad residents scrambled to leave, hoarded food or rushed to join auxiliary militias to defend the city, the militants of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria and their allies halted their advance within a two-hour drive, and there was no indication that they were seeking to push into Baghdad proper.


Fox News and ALL the freaky media who pushed Fox lies owe Bergdahl and family grovelling apologies.

Two years in a steel box, 5 years total in prehistoric confinement, passed through several groups of captors at how many different locations, barely able to withstand the light of day.....the freaky fockers need to get down on their lying lie stained knees and kiss the feet of this family they purposely and/or negligently tried to destroy. And for what? Why? To keep up with the latest news cycle outrage, is that what they have rotted away to? That is the American media, the guardians of American democracy?

Screw them all, screw all the freckling media, they deserve the highest derision we can all heap on them. Pile it high on top of their mounting heap of crap atop Bullshit Mountain.

Again, what freaking part of innocent until proven guilty, innocent before charges are even laid, America leaves no soldier behind, the American tradition of rescue over abandonment, what freaking part of any of that do the media traitors not understand?

Desertion by a soldier? How about desertion by an entire national media? You both stand accused.
Shall we move to punishment before the trial?

edit: this deserves a kick - http://www.democraticunderground.com/10025097506

edit 2: "American Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, while held prisoner in Afghanistan, was locked in solitary confinement for two straight years and did not see another human face for that entire time, senior military sources with knowledge of his "reintegration process" told Fox News.

Officials said Bergdahl, during that period, only talked to his captors through the wall of a six-foot-by-six-foot metal box, in which he was kept.

The box was just big enough for him to stand up straight and stretch his arms. If he was ever taken out of the box, Bergdahl was apparently hooded. Bergdahl told officials that this treatment started immediately after he attempted to escape captivity."

Keep it up, freaky Fox, the next metal box is for you.

Edit 3: Fox News Must Die


"There is one reason this country is stuck in an endless loop of obstruction and hate, and that reason is Fox News. If the results of this survey doesn't prove that, have a look at others with similar outcomes.

Fox News must die. It must either die with Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch, or it must die from a lack of current viewers. But however it happens, it must die, because if it doesn't, it will destroy the shreds of American democracy that remain. It's not enough for us to keep shouting about them, or Media Matters to point out how wrong they are on so many levels. Their death must be the result of visceral rejection.

I don't know how to do it yet, but I guarantee you I'm going to give it a lot of thought. We can't afford the stupidity that comes with their echo chamber."

The lying criminal architects of the Iraq war should STFU, and any media giving them voice, mocked.

Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, Bolton, the entire criminal enterprise, any of the lying politicians and their lying media puppets that pushed the lies and fear and hate and more lies relentlessly should not be permitted by force of human decency to utter one word outside their cloistered hideaways from justice.

At least Bush has the decency to keep busy by painting bad portraits far away on his lonely ranch under Secret Service protection for the rest of his miserable life.

In what world are war criminals allowed any credibility to push for commission of the same crimes?

Where do all the Citizens United billions go? To the media, of course. Conflict of interest?

Who is going to report on the fact that the billions of dollars unleashed by a court decision defying a century of electoral law goes to the very same entities that are supposed to report on the fact that the court decision has unleashed these billions?

The media is drowning in campaign ad money, there is not enough time available to fill the demand, so there may not be as many eyeballs, but who cares when the swimming pool of mullah is overflowing?

All they have to do is keep the two team race close, keep advancing any and all speech as equal and equally worthy, all events are political, all issues ignored in favor of marching bands and circus acts, a horse race is vital until Election Day and then close the vault.

It is a self perpetuating perpetual motion circle jerk between the media and the money.

Who will watch the watchmen?

New Mexico Park Honoring 1868 Mass Murderer Kit Carson Renamed to Red Willow Park


"In 1868 Kit Carson was ordered by the U.S. Army to relocate around 8,000 Navajo men, women and children 300 miles from Arizona to Fort Sumner, New Mexico, on what's called the "Long Walk." An estimated 200 Navajos died from cold and starvation after traveling in brutal and harsh winter conditions for almost two months."


This is a form of reparation, is it wrong?

Cool it, America. Iran has our back, they have TWO Battalions of elite troops on the ground now.....


And I bet they will leave no man behind, because war is hell, and Sgt. Bergdahl's writings show you exactly why.


Iran has reportedly intervened in the Iraq conflict, deploying a branch of the Revolutionary Guards to bolster Iraqi government troops who have been routed by the extremist Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (Isis).

(Isis was originally an offshoot of al-Qaeda, but its leader Abu-Bakr al-Bakri broke with Ayman al-Zawahiri, Osama bin Laden’s successor)

Iran’s Quds Forces helped troops from Nouri al-Maliki’s beleaguered Shia-led Iraqi government to retake 85 per cent of Tikrit, Saddam Hussein’s birthplace, from Isis yesterday, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Iranian president Hassan Rouhani said the Islamic Republic “will not tolerate this violence and terrorism . . . we will fight and battle violence and extremism and terrorism in the region and the world”.

Members of the Revolutionary Guard Corps told the newspaper that two battalions were shifted from Iranian border provinces to protect the Shia holy cities of Najaf and Kerbala, and to tighten security around Baghdad.


Edit: President Hassan Rouhani and every American President since Reagan and every European leader since Thatcher have uttered the exact same words Iranian president Hassan Rouhani said "the Islamic Republic “will not tolerate this violence and terrorism . . . we will fight and battle violence and extremism and terrorism in the region and the world”.", but who to believe?

A proposed map of the Middle East, Palestine to be written in later -

The Bernhard Lewis Plan for the Middle East


Mapping The Religious Divide in the Middle East


Soldiers love peace, generals love war, politicians love power.

No wonder some soldiers, like one certain Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, who are sent into wars for the war and power lust of others, may be a little questioning of why they are really there, when they get there.

“If this letter makes it to the U.S.A., tell those involved in the investigation that there are more sides to the cittuwation (sic),” he adds. “Please tell D.C. to wait for all evadince (sic) to come in.” , wrote Bergdahl. Truer misspelled words have never been written.

And doesn't war make strange bedfellows, Iran and America now united in warding off the invading hordes of......well, the bad guys.*

Sgt.Bergdahl's anti-war writings from the frontline as a time of war approaches again, there has to be a connection. And it is not "Bengazheeee", so please do not give Madame Lindsey airtime to screech that nonsense, please, I am begging you in the media.

*(edited to dummy down level of American information about current events)

Ethno-Religious Map of Iraq - is This A Sunni Kurd Invasion?


Note the 24 cities in the Sunni north already controlled by ISIS, hence the open civil war in Iraq for the last two years that barely got noticed in America because coverage of the wingnuts swamped all else.

Memory Shocker For The Media: November 17, 2008, Bush Admin., Iraq Ratify End of U.S. Incursion

November 17, 2008: U.S. and Iraqi Parliament ratified a status of forces agreement that mandated the end of 2011 as the date by which American troops must leave Iraq.

BAGHDAD — With a substantial majority, the Iraqi Parliament on Thursday ratified a sweeping security agreement that sets the course for an end to the United States’ role in the war and marks the beginning of a new relationship between the countries.

Baghdad Bureau:

The pact, which still must be approved by Iraq’s three-person presidency council, a move expected in the next few days, sets the end of 2011 as the date by which the last American troops must leave the country.

Its passage, on a vote of 149 to 35, according to a parliamentary statement, was a victory for Iraq’s government as well as for the often fractious legislative body, which forged a political compromise among bitterly differing factions in 10 days of intense negotiations.


Text of agreement:



The memory hole also contains evidence Obama wanting to keep troops in Iraq after 2011 for now and even then, obvious reasons, and being refused by Iraq. The Google is your friend, journos.
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