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sadoldgirl's Journal
sadoldgirl's Journal
August 3, 2014

There is no need for anyone to fly off the handle, but is HRC part

of that theocratic and very dangerous group called The Family?

I was shocked to read that in comments on Raw Story. If so, please, let us know. If not please show how you know.

I think that this is an extremely important question, yet I don't want to believe it.

I dislike her corporation romance (probably more of a serious affair), but, if true, this would blow me away.

July 31, 2014

Does anyone here know

how our Repugs voted on sueing POTUS about the ACA? Especially Coffman?

July 29, 2014

Please, I need your help regarding the Palestinian civilian

population. I am a rather poor shmuck living on SS. But if I can donate $10 to the ACLU, then $5 per month for helping those people in such a terrible situation won't make me much poorer. I don't want that money to go to Hamas, but rather to a humanitarian charity helping the people in Gaza. Does anyone know such a group? This way I demonstrate in a miniscule way my disgust at our governments continual support of Israel's actions as well as perhaps helping just one devastated family over there.

I used to support Israel very much until Sharon got in. After his actions I became very critical; by now I am disgusted by the actions of the Israeli government. Just one American citizen trying to help the "prisoners".

So, if anyone here knows of such a charity, please, let me know.

Thank you

July 29, 2014

I would appreciate some advice

My japanese plum tree slowly died this year, probably due to late frost and then hail. At least I thought so, however after cutting it down I found some kind of larvae in the ground. I would like to replace the tree with a peach tree in the same spot next spring. Should I just dig up the area or use some 10% Clorox first? I am restricted by little room. The other option is to wait another year before planting. Does anyone here have a good suggestion?

July 23, 2014

We are far away from 2016, but -however awful it may be- we may lose th Senate this year.

So I have a question to people on this forum, who have worked in politics: If the Republicans win the Senate, will they get rid of the filibuster? I am just not clear about that in my mind, because 2016 could change the Senate again. Your speculation, please.

July 19, 2014

Now I am confused about DU (a different answer to cali's OP)

The question cali posed was about the validity of criticizing PBO. For me this goes farther than just that.
I read for about 2 years the DU OPs, and then joined in spite of my dislike of name calling and personalizing comments. Perhaps I do not belong here; and I questioned this in my first comments on this forum. I am not just a Democrat, I am a socialist democrat (notice the small d). Yes, I have always voted for the candidates of the Democratic Party, but for the clear reason that doing otherwise would nullify my vote and give the Republicans one vote less to worry about.
The answers to cali's OP stunned me. Perhaps to me the important part of the DU name was UNDERGROUND, where ideas and policies could be discussed without necessarily agreeing with the party line. The answer like "don't criticize Obama, because he gets enough of that from the conservative side" is nonsensical for me. a) the conservatives don't use criticism against him, they condemn or obstruct his policies. b)There is something like constructive criticism, which should come from his own party. "No man can do it alone" is not even an answer to the question.
"Don't confuse campaign speeches with policies" is very disturbing. In other words one should vote for a candidate realizing he is lying his way into office? And, please, don't tell me "to face reality", because that means you have given up on change; yet that was exactly Obama's slogan. I hoped and wished for it. Okay, the Congress blocks him on many items, but he still has the "Bully pulpit". When I heard him say at an international press conference in India:"Outsourcing is great! Outsourcing is the future", I was in total shock. After all I voted for him as the POTUS, not for the whole world. That, for instance should not be criticized by a Democratic Party, which used to stand for workers, middle class people, and yes, the poor???
The next trade agreement which he wants to put on Fast Track in Congress, without deliberation , which was written mostly by international corporations is not up for criticism? Remember FDR's "Make me do it". That I think is needed. Am I just supposed to vote for a party without checking whether its representatives adhere to the platform and its rethoric?
Indeed, Obama has "evolved" as far as social issues are concerned, but for me the ACA is only a sell out to the large insurance companies at least without the public option. Well, if we in this forum cannot even voice those kinds of criticism among ourselves without being called indirectly traitors or just stupidly naive, then I might as well leave it. I don't want to insult anyone here, but one should check perhaps the platform of the Republican Party under Eisenhower to see whether the Democrats really still stand for their old values.
Sorry, for the long rant.

July 10, 2014

Better luck with dahlias

Last year I lost all my dahlias, which I had grown inside. This year I put half of the tubers directly into the ground. The other half were grown inside again, however I followed our CSU garden extension's advice. I mixed potting soil, compost,coconut fiber all together in a metal tray, baked it for about one hour at 215 degrees, added the fertilizer and planted the tubers. They all grew very nicely. The tubers planted directly into the ground did not do as well due to slugs in spite of our dry climate. Yes, I put Escar-Go around them, but I still lost half of them. So, next year I will grow them all again inside using the baking method.
Unfortunately we had about 5 hail storms, and all my plants suffered; still where I live we had no tornadoes.

June 27, 2014

For those who remember my trouble with my new terrified poodle Rosalind

Again I want to thank those of you who tried to give me some help. Here is a short update:
She is doing much better. She seems to read my mood better than the Boxer, and thus still runs into the backyard when I am annoyed about something. I live in the city of Denver in an area with a very large population of squirrels (my fruit trees contribute to that, no doubt). Both dogs love to chase them. When the critters sit in the trees however Rosalind barks and barks at them. Since I like my neighbors I try to shush the poodle. By now she just turns around and barks back at me. No fear there at this point. I still cannot touch her when she eats, although she is now totally in my way when I get their food ready. If I am too slow for her she barks. She still gets car sick, but now I have a plan for that.
After reading several books about dog behavior and training, which all deal with either normal or fearful dogs, I found the right one over the web and got it from my library:" Help for your shy dog". This one fits for my Rosalind. So I will start over now following the author's suggestions. Drive her around one block at a time for instance. Obviously I made a lot of mistakes; but she is much calmer already.
Question to you people: Why does she want my arm in her mouth sometimes? She does not bite it, does not even put pressure on, but she does this mostly when I come home from shopping for instance.
Thanks again!

June 15, 2014

We all know that PBO cannot do anything right

in the eyes of the Republicans. Thus, whatever decision he makes as far as Iraq is concerned must be automatically attacked. Now I may not be the brightest person in the world, but how about the following possible scenario: Our commander in chief says the following:" If the USA goes back into Iraq it will be an act of war. Since I believe in our constitution it is up to the Congress to give me a declaration of war against Iraq. Therefore I have to await the decision of the Congress of the United States of America to pass that declaration."
Then the Congress, especially the House will be responsible for the outcome. Does that sound too crazy?

April 1, 2014

Has anyone an idea where to get

the Henry Ford rose? I looked on the internet and the only place responding was asking the same question. Mine is about 20 years old and seems to give up its ghost. Another question: can one rejuvinate an old rose? I have 3 The Fairy roses and they seem to struggle as well. Of course, those I could replace. The grass grows right into the root system; that is why I would like to know how far one can cut into older stems to rescue the plant.

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