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sadoldgirl's Journal
sadoldgirl's Journal
March 17, 2016

By now I am truly disgusted with the HRC supporters.

Intimidation, indirect voter "suppression" seem to take
hold today by many of her supporters.

27 states have not voted yet, and there are quite a
number of big ones. That is more than half of the states.
It is either:"Trump is coming" fear mongering or
"It is all over,so unite behind the Inevitable" discouragement.

This "Fall in line now!" reminds me of repug tactics, and should
be totally abhorrent to the dems.

Don't forget that HRC will need all the help she can get from
the Bernie supporters, but this attitude drives them exactly
in the opposite direction.

Bernie said he would be in this competition until the
convention, and he will do so. Deal with that without
screaming out "Get out already!"

Your effort to influence lurkers or some undecideds,
will only bring you a large loss of votes for HRC.

February 15, 2016

I have a question about a possible Bernie voter

during the election.
My neighbor's son is turning 18 on November 1st.
Can he still register and vote in the GE?

February 13, 2016

This idiotic picture story was meant to be,

I think, in order to hide the much more important
issue of the change the DNC made about the acceptance
of federal lobbies to allow for their payments to the DNC.

People, may I remind you:


February 13, 2016

Let me say first that I live in a mostly AA neighborhood,

and have learned over more than 25years about the
problems they face.About 15% of AAs are in this area.

I also live in a city with 20% Latinos, if not more.

I understand the special problems the AA community
faces and a lot of the history in this country built on
the back of their ancestors.

Yet, I have not heard as many complaints from latinos
as from the black communities, and believe me, they have
plenty of sufferings on their backs, from way back in the
past and increasingly now.

So, maybe we aught to consider their plight, and especially
the ones of the children escaping countries we ruined, as
much as that of the black community.

How about it, can we share our compassion and
the grievances all together?

February 12, 2016

After this debate all I can say

HRC is an excellent manager while

Bernie is a man of vision.

For myself I prefer the latter as a president,
but realize that then he needs the managers.

A manager as president is probably not willing
to listen to people with vision, but I could be wrong.

Kissinger was well as Churchill were not the
greatest choices at any rate.

January 26, 2016

So all of a sudden HRC wants diplomatic efforts first?

Right, we have seen the IW vote, for which she
apologized in a way,

but what about Libya,no it was not mentioned,

what about the no-fly zone,which she proposed,
even while the Russian planes were in place?

What about her thoughts about the Ukraine?
Not mentioned.

All of a sudden "coalition, coalition, etc

When does the weaseling stop?

January 10, 2016

This is a kind of warning,

it has nothing to do with any dem candidate, but with
the other side.

You may ridicule and laugh about Trump and Cruz, but in
that case you may be totally wrong.

The country is angry and has different but still fears. That is
exactly the time for many to look for a "Strong Leader". We
see more religious extremes, more racial and ethnical resentment
as well as people trying to take the laws into their own hands.

This is really the opportunity for a fascist type of person to
take advantage of that attitude, and I think we see it in at least
those two candidates.

The reason for serious concern does not lie in their popularity
alone, but in their tremendous support of media exposure. We
cannot allow ourselves to say: Not in this country, or, our voters
are too smart for that. That may mean putting our heads into
the sand.

Remember that B. Clinton won the election with far less than
51%. Thus a win is possible with only 38-9% of the votes, and
the others gaining less.

So, perhaps I am not realizing all of your worries about this,
but I just shoot this out as a warning in general.

Thanks for reading this rant, I'll have to hit the sack, but
will be back sometime tomorrow. Good night.

December 27, 2015

A short little story, which happened to me:

I grew 2 plants from seedlings in my backyard, as I
am legally allowed to do. They did very well there.

In November I was planning to harvest them. The day
I had in mind on a Saturday was set. I have two medium sized
dogs, scaring the heck out of anybody coming to the front door.
Friday evening- it was pretty cold- my critters were inside,but
my neighbor's dog barked and barked. At last I went outside
to calm it down.

Surprise, surprise, a car in the alley took off. I did not think that
very unusual, went back inside. Half an hour later the same
thing happened, but this time I was a bit suspicious. When I
went outside the car burned rubber to take off.

Yes, one of the plants had been ripped out of the ground, the
other had lost half of its branches. Needless to say i cut off the
rest of that one and placed it inside.

Man, am I proud of my precious watchdogs, and my 7.5 feet
privacy fence!

Happy Newyears people! (Got to keep my humor.)

December 23, 2015

if the POTUS gets the TPP through Congress in February

how do you think this would influence the primaries
and the GE? I am really worried that he will do just that,
before another president will be elected.

November 11, 2015

Question in a safe forum:

Does anyone know whether AIPAC is contributing
to HRC and if so why?
Seems to me that that group should be happy
to give support to a first jewish candidate for
the US presidency. The fact that it has been
reported that HRC sent a "love letter" to Bibi
makes me wonder.

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