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sadoldgirl's Journal
sadoldgirl's Journal
July 4, 2015

A question I asked before about electoral votes.

Can the red states (legislature + governor) change the rules
for the electoral college from Winner take all to propotional
representation? We are about a year away from the GE
campaigns; thus I hope it is too late, but am not sure.

July 3, 2015

Here HRC goes again

Sorry, I don't know how to link. There is an article
in Yahoo news about her grave warnings against
Iran, even though she supports the Obama efforts.

I don't know whether she talks this way to show her
very strong support for Israel or just to sound strong

The article also mentions that her audience consisted
of 850 people.

Go Bernie,Go!

July 2, 2015

While the media could ignore Denver

they could not do so with Madison. So now they
will not only report on his campaign, but they will
take him on.
I think that from now on we can count on a very
distorting and ugly battle from their side. The
PTB prefer Hillary and will try to reduce Bernie's
influence in every way possible.

So it is up to us to spread the positive news.

I will put my Bernie sign into the front yard today.

June 30, 2015

A small suggestion for all Bernie supporters

Remind your mail person, when you see her/him
that Bernie has been fighting for the post office
for a long time. I know that this is not a group
of millions, but in my opinion every vote has to
be courted, because of the party's reluctance
to even acknowledge him.

June 27, 2015

Has anyone followed the Greek situation

today? It seems that the Euro zone countries are
giving the Greeks the finger, because they are
upset about a referendum in Greece about any
agreement. What an acceptance of a democratic

June 24, 2015

Question: Why can I only buy the female

plant? I would like to get my own seeds, but that is impossible
if you only get the female. Is this a rule for proprietory reasons
or is this a law?

June 23, 2015

The vote for fast track was just in,and

Bennet voted for it. I just called his office to tell
the lady there that as a lifelong Dem I will not
vote for him, and will go around the neighborhood
to tell them to do the same.

Glad, that I can still vote for DeGette.

June 22, 2015

We have a serious problem

imo. Bernie wants us all to participate in the
experiment called democracy. Great, I agree, but
I don't want another President, who is somewhat
powerless against the Congress.

Take my state (CO), my Rep is okay, but the one
Dem Senator is a Third Way one. For instance he
will sign on to Fast Track. There is no primary,
nobody is contesting his run, except for the

Many states have these kinds of problems, which leaves
us in the dilemma of a centrist-conservative Congress
again. For myself, I consider voting green for that
Senate seat, but am not totally sure of that.

Bernie is on the national platform, so what are we
supposed to do about Congress and state offices?

June 21, 2015

The town meeting in Denver was well organized as

well, except that most here know the difficulty to park
in the area. This may have been the reason for less
than the 7,000 to come. Still, it was a crowd.

The part that impressed me most was how Bernie
handled the crowd. He let them cheer or boo for
a bit, but it took only his raising his hand for people
to sit down and let him continue.

Obviously most of the crowd knew the key words
and started clapping before he had finished his sentences
at some points. All this did not phase him in the least.
Obama has cool, Bernie has a confident calmness.
Very impressive.

June 14, 2015

Minor question

After Bernie has been elected President will he automatically
become the head of the Democratic Party?

Considering who runs it right now that would seem weird.

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