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sadoldgirl's Journal
sadoldgirl's Journal
December 27, 2015

A short little story, which happened to me:

I grew 2 plants from seedlings in my backyard, as I
am legally allowed to do. They did very well there.

In November I was planning to harvest them. The day
I had in mind on a Saturday was set. I have two medium sized
dogs, scaring the heck out of anybody coming to the front door.
Friday evening- it was pretty cold- my critters were inside,but
my neighbor's dog barked and barked. At last I went outside
to calm it down.

Surprise, surprise, a car in the alley took off. I did not think that
very unusual, went back inside. Half an hour later the same
thing happened, but this time I was a bit suspicious. When I
went outside the car burned rubber to take off.

Yes, one of the plants had been ripped out of the ground, the
other had lost half of its branches. Needless to say i cut off the
rest of that one and placed it inside.

Man, am I proud of my precious watchdogs, and my 7.5 feet
privacy fence!

Happy Newyears people! (Got to keep my humor.)

December 23, 2015

if the POTUS gets the TPP through Congress in February

how do you think this would influence the primaries
and the GE? I am really worried that he will do just that,
before another president will be elected.

November 11, 2015

Question in a safe forum:

Does anyone know whether AIPAC is contributing
to HRC and if so why?
Seems to me that that group should be happy
to give support to a first jewish candidate for
the US presidency. The fact that it has been
reported that HRC sent a "love letter" to Bibi
makes me wonder.

November 7, 2015

I really liked this kind of "debate", because

Rachel asked the more important questions than
what we find on the general debates.

However, no question about the TPP, but I think
MSNBC would not allow for it.

November 5, 2015

Jus read in the Guardian

that the US refused the Canadian oil company's request
to postpone the decision of the pipeline.

Sorry, I don't know how to bring it here, but it is very
interesting, imo.

November 1, 2015

Has it occurred to you that are at war?

No,not our silly word wars here.

The whole ME is blowing up, and whoever is elected
to the WH may have a lot to say about it. I still think
that Bernie is the candidate with the least interest in
war, even though he agrees with Obama's plan to keep
more troops in Afgsn.
All of the repugs will keep the wars not only going, but
will intensify them.
HRC's plans for Libya were a disaster, and she proposed
a No-Fly zone for Syria even though Putin's planes soar
right over there. She also was in favor of supplying the
Western Ukraine with weapons, and now approves of
boots on the ground in Syria.
This bothers me. Do all presidents believe in the
American Empire? Or is it possible that the MIC and
CIA have so much power that no president can refuse
their wishes? I would assume that HRC would know, if
that were the case, which may explain her more
aggressive attitude.

My reason for asking this is that I really believe that
Obama wanted the US out of wars, yet could not do
it. Your opinions, please.

October 26, 2015

Question: Should HRC win the nomination

on how many issues will she change her positions,
which she holds now in the primary season?

October 11, 2015

A somewhat serious question to the HRC supporters,

and no, this is not meant as snark.

I just checked the numbers of millennials in the US
population, and it varies between 74 and 80 million.

I have talked to some of them during Bernie rallies
and checked them on the social media.Many of them
are willing to join the democratic party, because the
are fired up for Bernie.

If 25% of them are hardcore Bernie supporters, that
would mean about 18 million, and they feel deceived
by the party due to HRC's nomination, can the party
afford to lose that many younger people?

As far as I have read the numbers of millennials are
by now far greater than the ones of the baby boomers.

October 9, 2015

Tomorrow Bernie will be in Boulder CO

A fellow volunteer has just told me that she has a ticket
for me. I look forward to it.

I think that the campaign made a big mistake though.
They gave out tickets for this rally, but only in
Boulder on Thursday and today. They should have
had a place in Denver for those as well, since we
are only 30 miles away. During workdays though it
was hard for people to drive all that way.Well, we
shall see.

September 22, 2015

Now that we know that HRC wanted only 4 debates,

and we know that 2 out of the six are not given
a date (probably shortly before the convention),
we might as well assume that the questions will be
rigged as well.
So let's amuse ourselves to imagine some of
those, like
"Do you like children?"

"Should children get vaccinated?"

"How do you answer Mr. Trump's attack on immigrants?"

"What do you think about Climate Change deniers ?"

I am sure that you will find better ones. Have fun!

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