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sadoldgirl's Journal
sadoldgirl's Journal
February 27, 2015

The real question here is who or what is considered democrat/ic.

Perhaps we have to consider what the party stood for and
what it seems to stand for right now. Naturally there will
be differences in opinion.

If it stands for the third way it is definitely on the wrong
track as far as what the party has defended up to Carter.

If it says "s/he who has the money should be supported"
then we might as well vote for the CEO of Goldman-Sachs
or the Koch brothers directly.

If the party chooses our candidate for us, instead of
supporting different candidates, something has been lost.
And surely I am not the only one who has seen that.

Winning at all cost is a motto that defies all principles,
and will lead to certain loss of justification on ethic and
moral grounds, and sooner or later to a total loss as
long as we may call this still a democracy.

All attacks on people for voting one way or another
are rather silly. How anyone votes is still somewhat secret
no matter, what people announce here, and I for one take
this only as a form of declaring his/her wishes.

So lastly the question remains what does it mean to
be a democrat in comparison to a Democrat, and
should that definition be allowed to be so far apart
as it seems to be right now.

February 16, 2015

I have a question about marihuana seeds.

Yes, I live in Colorado, and thus I am allowed to grow a few
plants. And no, I am not using it at this point, but am very
curious about it.
It is described to be a weed, but what does that mean? Is it
very easy to grow from seed? I read that it is an annual, can
one get the seeds from the plants for the next year?

Can one grow it inside or does it have to be outside?

I could go tone of our shops for the info, but since I don't
intend to buy anything, I rather don't.

I don't intend to insult anyone here, but I really would
like to know a bit more, especially about the medicinal plants.

February 13, 2015

A question for other members

of Anthem (Blue Cross/shield).

After they hacked the insurance's computer files, are we
supposed to let SS know, that our numbers may be
abused? Is Anthem supposed to tell us whose information
is now endangered?
Does anyone here know?

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